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Cutting Out Cokes

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I have drank about 8-10 cokes a week for a while.  In 2011 I stopped drinking cokes for a few months & lost about 15 pounds from changing nothing else but drinking no coke. 


I want to cut cokes out for at last the whole 3 months of June, July, & August.


I will stick with water, milk, and occasional sweet tea.


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On 6/2/2020 at 7:33 AM, Cannonfury said:

I will stick with water, milk, and occasional sweet tea.


Been following your battle log as well, but I'd just say make sure you're checking labels on the sweet tea.  I grew up in the south where the sweet tea is essentially bottled Type 2 Diabetes.


If you have Amazon Prime Video, I saw a really good documentary called "Is Sugar the New Fat?".  It was only about 43 minutes long so not terrible time consuming, based out of NZ, and pretty interesting.  Rather than sweet tea, I'd experiment with hot teas, there are lots of great flavored (decaf and regular caf) tea options out there.  If you want it cold you can brew it by the box and then refrigerate it.

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Coke(the drink, not the drug) has nearly killed my little sister. Diabetes is likely to take her eyesight, and probably her leg. It is nasty stuff.


Why would you want to ever drink that? It's not even nice. If it wasn't for it being about 30% sugar it would be undrinkable. I really believe that in the future, soft drinks and confectionery manufacturers will be the next tobacco companies. They've known for decades that the products they sold were addictive, and fed it to our kids.


Just replace it with water. Once you get over the caffeine and sugar hit, you find it is far more satisfying.


You could cut it out for three months, but why not just stop altogether? I wouldn't look back.

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