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So it's been 3 months into Lockdown.. and I'm sure my waist is 3 times wider!!! Driven to work and not cycling,, and the canteen food is free,, free I say!! That's including all fry ups, pastry's and cakes.. no wonder I'm looking like I do.


So I'm keeping to my original plan.. just now a few tweaks.


First exercise bodyweight for beginners .. ignore all temptation from the free food pile..


Monday ..? Well I exercised .. 20 mins but man I sweated.. and healthy meals .

Tuesday . Today no exercise... That will be tomorrow ( Mon - Weds - Fri )and I'm looking forward to it... And i had cauliflower and paneer with cheakpea dhal.


Little steps... 

:angel: of the Wilderness Level 1 Archangel Templar order of the NF blazing Light.

 STR 2 - DEX 1- STA 2 - CON 4 - WIS 3 - CHA 2 

Your current safe boundaries were once fears.. Push your boundaries till your last breath.

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