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Mama Bear's New Lifestyle

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(Oops...I read the dates wrong, I understand that this challenge is about to end. That doesn't mean I can't work on my goals until the next one starts and go from there!)


Hello all! While technically this isn't my first challenge, I haven't been here in close to 10 years, and I need a complete reboot, so it might as well be my first time. 


I am definitely focused on weight loss and I plan to use a combination of keto/low carb eating, intermittent fasting, and moderate exercise for this first bout. My eating plans are going to be based around the plan and community at www.eatlikeabear.life This is a new method for me, and I'm hoping it will help me curb my hunger, my cravings, and get my gut healthier, in addition to losing weight. 


I am married and Sunday will be our 4 year anniversary, a great day for new beginnings. I also have a 9 year old step daughter, hence the Mama Bear title. In  order to keep myself accountable I will do my best to post daily progress updates with my quests. I want to get healthy for me and for my family. I want to see if any of the health issues I have been experiencing can be corrected or at least helped with weight loss and cleaner eating. I don't want to be addicted to sugar any more.


Main Quest: Weight loss: Right now I do not have a specific weight loss goal for the challenge, my focus is on sticking to my eating plans and goals, and appreciating what comes from that. My long term goal is to get to ~125lbs and then reevaluate.

SW: 220


GW: 125


Challenge/ S.M.A.R.T. Quests:

1) What I am eating: Remove /greatly reduce high sugar, high carb foods from my diet. My first goal is to make changes in what I'm eating. And to move (mostly) from the red zone and into the yellow and green zones (see chart below). I have largely been a carb fiend, and have difficulty staying away from sweet treats, pastas, breads, rice, etc. I want to incorporate more healthy proteins and vegetables into my diet. I will allow myself a single diet soda a day, as it is my only current source of caffeine, and I really don't want to withdraw from sugar and caffeine all at once.

2) When I am eating: Eat within a 5 hour window during the day. I have never really tried intermittent fasting and I want to give it a chance to see how my body (specifically my gut) reacts to the change. I have had life long digestive issues related to a congenital condition, and this is an intervention that some people swear by. I expect my 5 hour range to be approximately 10:30 AM-3:30 PM, but I will allow myself some flexibility with that, as life dictates, as long as my window is only five hours long.

3) Exercise: 30+ minutes, 2x per week. Right now I don't exercise with any kind of regularity. I would like to incorporate at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise at least twice a week. Again, my primary goal is changing what I'm eating right now, so I don't want to overwhelm myself with a whole new exercise regimen. I DO want to move more.  


Level Up My Life Quest: 1 hr per day with non-screen hobby/activity. I have been rather addicted to screens lately. Covid lockdown didn't exactly create the best habits. I have several hobbies I have not been neglecting, including crocheting, reading, and birdwatching. I also have a paint-by-number kit on order that I'm hoping will arrive soon! I want to spend at least one hour each day on "me" time, that doesn't involve a screen.



Long Term Life Quest: Get out of debt. I have been trying to use a budget to get our family out of debt and we are making headway! We moved into our first home this last year and have been making it our own. I think it's realistic for us to be out of debt (except the car and the house), no later than 1 year from now, but I'm pushing my best to make it by the end of December!


Well I guess that's it for now! I want to keep myself in the mindset of the affirmations below and remember that every day is a new day. Direction, not perfection. I am looking forward to getting started and try this new way of eating and see if it works for me!



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Welcome back, I've just returned from an absence as well and I'm getting back into the swing of things.  I haven't heard of eat like a bear (ELAB?) -- I think an opportunity was missed here, or snuffed out by Disney Copyright Infringement, to name the diet the Bear Necessities.  It reminds me of a book some coworkers were eating from called the "Blue Zone Diet" - mostly because of the idea of colored zones of food.  Except Blue Zone was more about eating like the people in countries that live the longest with the least disease, so not really about colored food zones at all.


I also feel you with ditching screen time.  I'm working on that for the next few days until this round is over and I choose a guild for my next quest.  Somedays I wish I had a dumbphone again.

Training Log/Progress Pics: Harder to Kill

Current Challenge: Zach from Water, to Water

Challenge History: 1 2 3 4 

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Thanks for the support, Zach. And welcome back to you as well! I think the ELAB program is relatively new and is largely attracting a following from women in their mid-thirties on up, which is maybe why it hasn't come across your path, but a lot of the ideas behind it (and certainly the results!) are sound. The Blue Zone Diet sounds like a great one for people whose main focus is health vs. weight loss, which is also great. I'll get to focusing more on overall health, once I've lost a bit, and my weight isn't holding me back from other healthy activities.



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