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6 hours ago, Ann of Vries said:


On 7/23/2020 at 10:40 AM, Snarkyfishguts said:

Okay, your kids are awesome. You knew that, but it needs to be written. Awesome. Kids. Yours.


I think he’s #parentinggoals. 


Thank you. Y’all are too kind. I can’t stress enough how amazing a partner Jessie is. We’re on the same page as parents (and generally as people) and that helps tremendously.  I maintain that it also helps tremendously to have kids because you really want them and not just because “that’s the next thing to do” or because “society says you have to.”  I absolutely love kids, both my own and kids in general. I know a lot of people who have kids too, but basically did it to cave into parental demands for grandchildren. Not cool. Then there people like Woody, who asks all adults if they have kids, when they’re having kids, are they having more kids, have they considered having kids? We met our new next door neighbors yesterday evening And he just appeared in their garage with those questions before even asking their names lol. Which... argh. Come on dude. They’re a younger couple, they’re not married yet, and they don’t need you pushing them faster than necessary! (Though they bought because of the double cul de sac and kid-friendly neighborhood). 

I wish I was better at parenting my parents, or at least comforting my kids regarding their grandparents.  MY parents continue to make risky choices they swear to us that they won’t, and we only know this because the kids catch them unawares by FaceTiming them. Le sigh. My kids have been getting more angry and panicky over the whole thing, especially since my parents live in our state’s biggest hotspot. The last 4 times we’ve talked to them my kids have been heatedly chastising their grandparents for their decisions. 

The tomatoes are really starting to come in. The watermelons and pumpkins are taking off, too. And it looks like that boysenberry bush I thought was dead actually survived. The new raspberry bushes and the newest cherry tree all kicked the bucket, though, and most of other other veggies look like they were damaged too badly by the insects to be salvaged. *cries*




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