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Cable alternatives/diy

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Hi everyone,
I wanted to know if anyone knows what kinda exercises I can do to substitute stuff like lat pull downs, and rear delt pulls. I have a resistance band (the one the looks like TRX) but It's not as intense as I'd like and I finish my reps way too easily. I also have a couple of weights and DBs, so if anyone maybe knows a way I can transform my Rb into a diy cable machine that'd be good. Otherwise, what are some good ways to substitute cable machine exercises?

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Getting heavier resistance bands would be the most straightforward solution, pr doubling up the ones you have, if possible. Rigging up a round bar above head height and using rope/cable over the bar and attached to heavy weights would work too, but you'd need the materials and tools to build something like that

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Pullups and rows are the bodyweight exercises those cable exercises simulate.  So a doorway pullup bar and some gymnastic rings could be a fitting substitute.  If you aren't to full pullups or rows yet, there are progressions here and here to find your starting point.


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