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Chesire's Stewardship


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Mid-week check-in, through Thursday:  this week is less focused, probably because it has been stupid hot and humid.  Like gross sweaty just sitting in the shade and breathing.


Domain Quests:

cleaning schedule (tbd) T-F daily                         3/4

meal plan made                                                               1/1  actually got MrC on board so I can make the same lunches for us!

meal prep done                                                      1/1  ^which made this one easier

sale flyers used                                                      1/1

garden plan                                                            1/2

wardrobe basics sewing pattern fitted             0/1  almost

                       and each use of pattern               0/1

thundershirt training                                            3/6  can't bring myself to put it on her unnecessarily when it is so hot, even with a/c


 deep clean a room                                               0/1  today, I swear

 each budget option used/made                        1/1  mmmmm homemade bread


Constitution Missions:


  knit/crochet/sew          4/6

  French                            4/6



  read a non fiction book           0/1  ugh, need to finish this annoying book



  follow fitness plan                    4/6

  walking                                       4/6

  stretching/yoga                         1/1



 veggies (aim for 4/day)         16/24  meal prepping makes this mindless!

 64 oz water                              4/6

 food tracking weekly               1/1

 up by 7:30/in bed 10               4/6                unless planned otherwise



 fruit (1-2 day)                           7/12



kitchen clean nightly               0/6

meal plan not followed           0/x

wasted CSA food                     0/x   keep an eye on this.... getting close to the end of some of these

unplanned alcohol                   0/x   

unplanned junk                         1/x   surprise cupcake, so worth it

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On 7/18/2020 at 12:55 PM, Chesire said:

Why am I not getting notifications?   Weird


I'm not getting them either. :( 


On 7/19/2020 at 8:17 AM, Chesire said:

Generally I would do about 40min. on a good day, but yesterday I pulled off 33min.!


That's awesome! Nice job! :) 

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29 minutes ago, Chesire said:

I betcha there is some nerd that understands this wizard-level magic?


LOL probably. 

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Guess it's that time for end of challenge review.  I'm tempted to say it wasn't that great, but really I think it's that this week isn't that great.  And even thinking about that points out that I've got a touch of the blues or something and I'm feeling the lack of something "I have to do" such as work or a task for someone else.  Or just simple socializing.  Or the freedom of easy movement in the world.  I'm ok, just learning.  Maybe volunteer work or a very specific goal would help.  And thus a ramble has started and I'm putting a stop to it.


Back to review!  Tracking worked well, and having specific earnings was useful (even if I didn't show you guys how much I was earning, just that I was doing) because it gave value to efforts beyond the "I should" level.  I think it needs a little revamping (prioritizing household care and budgeting while downplaying my own wellness stuff since I seem to be in a good habit with that) but generally is useful and I will continue it for another challenge at least, but privately.  I def need to keep the mentality of earning vs getting an allowance, it is more active and therefore implies effort and value.


But what to do next challenge....  hmmmm.  Should it be practical à la this one, or goofy, or specific goal oriented?  Gonna walk and mull it over, preferably not in circles though.


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