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Yasha realises we're halfway thru 2020


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Wut the heck??? When did it get to June? I swear I've been asleep for 100 years.




Ok, new challenge time!



- Apply for 1 new job/week

- Do homework, go to class, pass MGNT920

- Balance the budget

- Gym twice a week

- Journal

+ bonus quest!


In long form:


Get a job!

My contract officially ends in September. They have told me they will extend me to October, to allow time for a new role which I am hoping to apply for to be advertised (my project this year has been developing all the collateral for that position, so I feel I would have a good chance). But! I don't believe anything unless it is in writing, and I am the sole breadwinner, so if I don't get paid we don't eat. As such, I will find and apply for one appropriate role per week during this challenge. Global crisis being what it is, I'd do better to have too many offers than too few. I do have a few secondary sources of income (tutoring a kid, selling some of the stuff I'm decluttering), but that wouldn't keep us afloat for longer than a couple weeks after the emergency fund ran out.




Study, buddy.

I have the class I am currently enrolled in (MGNT920) and one more class and then I am doooooone with my Masters. Last class I really focused on studying and I got 93% and a letter saying I was top of the class (woot woot!). I've already submitted the first assignment for this class (85%, acceptable), I have one group assignment, and one final essay (in place of an exam). I want to focus on reading my readings, doing my homework, going to class, and otherwise being the nerd I need to be to graduate with distinction. Working and studying from home makes this physically easy, I just need to dedicate the mental load to actually doing it.





Money, it comes in, it goes out. At the start of all this bullshit we threw the credit card at everything and said "F-it COVID". Now that it is apparent that this is not a short-lived thing we are getting back on track with tracking our incoming/outgoing expenses. We have a chart on the fridge and everything.



Gym twice a week.


Our PT studio has opened back up this week (huzzah!!!), so we are back to twice a week training. This shouldn't need to be a goal, because once it's locked in we're pretty good about going. We put on a fair whack of iso-chub, so ready to get back under my bodyweight highscore -_-.





I heard someone on a podcast say "happiness is just a series of good days in a row". So I will be journaling each night to the question "did you have a good day?" in an attempt to figure out what makes me feel like I did have a good day :P




Brushing my teeth erry day in solidarity with @Wild Wolf





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4 hours ago, fearless 2.0 said:

sounds good to me and was fun to read! you go girl!!!!!! :)



Thank ye! Gunna kick some challenge butt!


40 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Following along! It's a shame your contract couldn't end AFTER you finished your Masters.


I knoooooooooow 😢 verbally I had been told December, which would be after the Masters is finished, but the semi-formal (email, nothing in true formalese) said October. This is why I don't believe anything I've been told until I have the contract in my hand. Too easy for things to change/there to be misunderstandings etc.


Happy to have you along for the ride!

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5 hours ago, Salinger said:

Hey Yasha, here for you!!!! Hope you are having a lovely weekend?xx


Yay Sal, so good to see you!


Yes, I am having (have had) a lovely weekend. Update below!

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Yesterday I did a bunch of decluttering with Mr (heaps of stuff needed his input, and can only be done when he is in the mood). Passed a bunch on through our pay-it-forward free groups, have a small bag for the donation bin. Did 4 loads of laundry and folding (and putting away!!!) meaning pretty much everything in our house is clean (I did pillows and table clothes and towels and cushions and stuff as well as clothes). Took a very hot bath to try and move the DOMS along.


Today did some gardening, including harvesting the last lonely volunteer pumpkin. I gave half of it to the neighbours, then roasted and ate the other half with a sprinkle of parmesan and salt and pepper - delish!


Loaded the top foot of the compost bin with the pumpkin vines (chopped up to break down easier) plus a few scoops of the semi-rotted wood mulch to keep it smelling pretty, wet it all down and put the lid on, then cleaned off the other bin, swept all the cobwebs off it and got it ready to go while the full one cooks. Watched some Avatar. Took a nap. Took another hot bath because all the DOMS I thought I didn't have have come to play today and I'm sooooooore. Good sore though.


Balanced budget? Yes. Sold Mr's bike for +$225, ordered a textile recycling pickup -$25 (will get $25 off an order of socks for Mr though and he needs some new ones, making the new set $5). Yesterday ordered the bulk delivery of cat food and kitty litter $105.


Brushed my teeth both days, did my journal both days. Both days "good days", I believe it will be linked to days I spend some time outside, but time will tell.



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- Apply for 1 new job/week [Yurp]

- Do homework, go to class, pass MGNT920 [Watched my lecture]

- Balance the budget [Yurp]

- Gym twice a week

- Journal [Yurp]

+ bonus quest! [Yurp]


Hey-hey it's Monday~


Kicked some butt today, if I do say so myself.

Work was a bit draining today, so I went for an errands walk on my lunch, dropped of the books we purged to the street library (like take a book leave a book thing, but I didn't take any of the books), and a bag of stuff to the op-shop donation bin. Emailed the textile recycling people to confirm if I have to print the barcode for them to take away the box of textiles (yes, sigh, have to find my way to a printer... probably the post office, possibly the stationary store), gifted a few more items on the free facebook group, put my hand up for something else (facepalm - this was meant to be a downsizing, not an equalizing!, no matter, the thing I will be collecting is a phone case with a battery in it, to try and offset my slowly dying phone). Either the being outside or the getting stuff done greatly improved my mood, so when I got back I was able to work more effectively.


Drafted an application for a suitable role. Sounds interesting, in my target pay range. Aligned with my morals/personal goals. I've sent the draft to a friend to look over and give feedback, then I will submit it before the closing deadline tomorrow night.


Watched my lecture, have my tutorial tomorrow, so will watch the additional material tomorrow morning.


Balanced budget- I went to a small local cafe for lunch, had a milkshake and a small serve of chips, $12. Remembered why I don't eat at those places - so expensive!!! At least the chips were pretty excellent. Paid for the gym. Bought groceries. Wrote it all up on the fridge and did the math.


Gym booked for Wednesday & Friday. The DOMS seem to be passing, I can lift my arms without making a screeching noise.


Journaled, yes and it was a good day.


Bonus quest - brushed them toothie pegs ^_^



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Submitted the job application tonight, tutored my yr7 kid in the evening (actually we just read a chapter of Harry Potter together to work on her comprehension and reading ability, Hagrid is HARD for a reader who already struggles with correctly spelled English, but she did well and I’m proud of her), and did my tutorial class in my lunch break. Am in bed watching avatar, haven’t brushed my teeth or journaled , but had an OK day. Got a bit upset about some work politics, but mostly it was fuel for putting more effort into my application. Enjoyed sitting out in the sunshine drinking my coffee in the morning, going to try to work that into more of my days.

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Brushed my teeth last night when I got up to take my meds, so other than the budget balancing (complicated partial refund on a mucked up ubereats order) yesterday was an all-ticks day.


this morning got a call from HR for a phone interview, did well enough that they’ve asked me to come in for a real interview on Friday (this is for the role I applied for last night, they are moving faaaast!)

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Didn’t get it (once I did the interview I somewhat expected not to, they really wanted someone who had a lot more videography experience). 

that’s ok, I will go for something else this week. 

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