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[korranation] Decks out Entrapta’s Castle

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So I finished She-ra and the Princesses of Power a few weeks ago and I am obsessed with Entrapta. From her chaotic neutral alignment, hair that acts like an extra set of limbs doc-oct style, to her obsession with robots and first one tech.



Her castle is so fun too. Endless mazes of corridors filled with booby traps and robot butlers, plus a kitchen staff that makes delicious tiny foods.



It’s harder than I thought sticking to a strict sleep schedule. I totally ruined it this week. I thought I’d spend a few minutes looking up some contact info for an in-network doctor and I ended up cleaning the whole kitchen. So when I finally sat down to call the doctor my melatonin had kicked in making it harder to ask for a new patient appointment. And with new paperwork I tried to access it with my laptop, but my laptop’s so slow that it more than likely has some hardcore virus that tracks keystrokes at this point. So I wasted more time than I’d care to admit cleaning the start up apps and reinstalling some anti-virus software with the two week free trial so it auto checks for nasties.





My main goal for this challenge is to stick with and solidify my routines, see what kinds of flexibility I can MacGyver when choco pudding hits the fan, and prep for my weekends so I’m not wasting time on my bum.




Sleep routine

  • no caffeine 6hrs before bed
  • No big meals (and/or sugar) after work
  • No social media after work
  • Meditate
  • Read book
  • Journal
  • Hygiene ritual (shower, clean ears, lotion, brush teeth, dry hair)




  • Take the stairs when possible at work
  • Pushups in the admin office
  • Find Workouts that strengthen knees ( cuz mine be poppin)




  • rediscover previous AIP recipes
  • Prep more snacks
  • Start meal prepping again
  • Rebuild digital cookbook



Hoarding knowledge

  • make more binders on ever note
  • Make a brain dump binder for all ideas




Personal life level up

  • Have google drive on phone —> (unlocks polishing novel side quest)
  • Get new phone
  • Turn old phone into security camera for front door peephole
  • Go to Gastroenterologist
  • Get thyroid blood work —> (unlocks hashimoto super medicine side quest)







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I’ll try to update more than once a week.


[ramble]Although with my schedule is work sleep and repeat for four days straight... so I’ll have to update while on my lunch break. I was hoping to spend that time either walking outside of secretly working out in the admin office where the cameras can’t see me. I haven’t been able to fit a workout in this or last week during my off-hours. I have no energy after work and no time during my getting ready for work routine. I’d have to cut out journaling to fit it in, but then my head is stuffed with flotsam and jetsam of the day which makes it harder to sleep. And detracting from my amount of sleep always detracts from my Fitbit sleep score. And anything below a 78% leads to a less than peak performance day.[ramble]

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Welcome back! Great choice for your challenge. Let me know if I can help in any way. 

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Korranation checking in for an update.

Work is just one endless cycle of Job, eat, sleep, repeat. But I’ve probably said that multiple times in my previous challenge. Sunday, Monday, And Tuesdays are my official weekends, so I can use this time to update, reflect on what went right and wrong, and end in a lovely bullet point list. I love lists.



That tictac App is still wasting a majority of my time during the weekends. Yes, it’s a lot of nonsense. But… There have been a lot of useful things I’ve learned. For instance, I have Hashimoto’s which causes not allow me in response to Green and I did the auto immune protocol diet to lessen information and flareups of an auto immune response. Because of this I found out I have dairy sensitivity. And until two days ago I had an expensive appointment planned with a gastroenterologist.... until I saw a video of someone with food allergies mentioning an MRT nutrition bloodwork test. And I already have an appointment for my Hashimoto’s bloodwork check up, so I can kill two birds with one stone now. I’ve also seen recommendations for vitamins that I’ve added to my regimen.


I take vitamin D so I don’t get muscle cramps like plantar fasciaitis. (And if you or a friend has foot cramps, try taking some vitamins before going to a foot doctor.) vitamin C for scurvy and the mythos of it preventing rona, vitamin E drops in my morning smoothies for hair and nail health, Probiotics for  tummy health, and now alpha lipoic acid. This last one is usually taken daily for people with diabetes and neuropathy for swelling, but I’m wanting to lessen any inflammation.



And thanks to vitamins, going semi paleo, and a better sleep schedule I’m no longer the anxious and paranoid husk I once was. I wonder if working out would turn me into a super Saiyan? This isn’t even my final form…


So in other news, I burnt my hand again. The first time was months ago when I was having issues with the dishwasher. But this time my stove broke. The stove burner light was broken and the back burner didn’t click completely off and still on minimum setting. So when I went to go remove the burners to get underneath the range top I burnt my pointer finger. Running it under cold water for 15 minutes really helped. So now I’m hopped up on Benadryl ointment and Tylenol. Let’s hope the water blister isn’t too big.



Sleep routine

Sometimes on long shifts I come home hungry from work. So I can’t help but have a meal before bed. And if I am calories starved enough and lacking the proper micro nutrition, then I have partaken of the sugary snacks that I should not have. I tried my best to count calories a week ahead, but sometimes I forget to pack some snacks that equate into that or there was more physical exertion than normal meaning a higher calorie burn.



Some of the tasks on my work go or not specific enough. I’m feeling hard on the no social media after work with the Tictac app. I hate that it’s part of my routine to veg out and turn my brain off after work instead of doing something more constructive and less brain turny offy. I am also been using a Imgur to take short breaks during work too. Instead of reading a book, or article, or a literal breather with meditation.




I sort of neglected this one to this week. The first half of the work week had auto assigned tasks took up more resources than usual, so brakes were used for eating and sleeping instead of the swole gains. I wasn’t able to use the stairs because the trips going up had extremely heavy rollable carts and bulky items. On the plus side, when cleaning this week I did find some old TRX bands a friend gave me. And they have a door hook on them so I could technically take them to work. But I’d hate to have some walk in on me getting a rep in. And working out off site would be difficult since I’m not familiar with the area, it’s literally night time, and I don’t know any nearby well lit parking lots with sturdy enough trees at the right height (not that I even have the right accessory for that)




I finally canceled my meal prep subscription. The food seem to be getting worse with each week anyways. For example, The meat for the Italian turkey Ragu was being switched with turkey chili so the cumin from the seasoning was giving me heartburn and I couldn’t figure out why for the life of me. Until I canceled and wrote a lengthy note asking why their Italian dish tasted more like Tex-Mex.

I did meal prep six servings of pot roast again. The only good thing about the subscription is all the plastic containers I have to work with now. I also went grocery shopping this morning so I could make a mango chicken stirfry and a lemon chicken & asparagus skillet. On the downside I caved in and bought snacks. H-E-B has seven best gluten-free pretzels I found for that salty crunchy snack I’ve been craving lately. Plus my sweet tooth has been kicking in and not a mill has a cotton candy flavored pint I can’t stay away from.



I spent an entire day off cooking. I made nine servings of the stirfry and six servings of the skillet. With the pot roast that about 20 meals worth, so with the morning smoothies that’s 10 days of food if I eat them for the whole week or two and a half work weeks worth. I’ll be planning what to cook next week so I can continue being prepped farther out.



Hoarding knowledge

I’ve been putting this one off. I have yet to even download Evernote onto my phone. And when I do, I’m not sure if I should use my old account or start a new one. My old account is for basically journals about writing and articles I found interesting but it’s very dated. I do have a habit Wendy diving forgetting about the articles, so saving them as hyperlinks where is the real article with the app would be a big convenience for a reference.

On the other hand I do have way more digital books that I could ever read sitting around on my laptop. I’ll try putting one on my phone to see if the text to speech works with some of the apps I have.



Personal life level up

I still need to back up my phone, do a hard reset, and re-upload the previous back up to remove the obscene amount of “other” data so I can put other apps on my phone. I’ll be getting a new phone next week so hopefully this won’t be a problem.


Lessons learned

  • some apps can be constructive when consciously using them to better yourself
  • More steps need to be taken to remove mindless distractions that suck away resources for more productive means
  • Set extra reminders in place dealing with food for work and also pack extra non-perishable rations
  • TRX bands make flimsy doors creak like no one's business
  • An non-engaging audio-books can detract from focusing on longer tasks like cooking
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9 minutes ago, Snarkyfishguts said:

My cousin has Hashimotos and it took a while to nail down her sensitivities too. She still gets bad days when something sneaks up on her, but shes doing really well now. 

italian food definitely shouldnt taste like tex mex. 😂 good call there!

I'm still ironing things out with my hashimotos. I've fallen in love with rice noodles. They have a similar consistency and texture to regular pasta. They're fun to have when I'm craving buttered noodles. Or if I want to make ramen.


Glad I got my money back on those meal I purchased. I may have to start relying on them again if the US goes back into a lock down. The grocery stores will be insane especially during opening time and that's something no one should have to deal with. Fingers crossed they told their new cook to stop making fusion foods.

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WEEK 3ish?


Weird that this is the first part of my writing and yet the last part I'm filling out. Going over my goals for this challenge was like setting my intentions in journaling and gave my the oomf I needed to go for another workout on the trx bands and a nice long shower. I was dripping by the end of the workout. I tried to make sure than my hear rate stayed above 125 so I could get that heart cardio going. Weird thing was that I started getting all panting and shaky when it dropped below 120pbm.

Nothing else much to report. Work is work, they have me managing a whole building, but there are plenty of night dwellers on teams chat to help if I have any questions. I did a zoom call with some friends to catch up. They're all wanting me to come back to their secret weekly running meetings. I'm too busy running from the rona to run with the group again. haha the joys of living in the U S of A. I didn't cook anything this week since I'm still going off of the prepped meals I made. Not looking forward to cooking next week. And I may be getting a new roommate on Friday. The house my sister was staying in was not renewing their lease for her group she was staying with and has been unsuccessful in finding another home for rent. Which will be weird since I'm nocturnal and she's a day walker, so we would be switching shifts with the bed.



Sleep routine

My sleep routines was somewhat inconsistent this week. It always stems from one day of bad sleep though. If I get under six hours I'm exhausted and full of energy at the same time. Like you want to do everything you want to do and ignore everything you need to do. Guess a lack of sleep kills my executive functioning (EF) switch. This means I will put off eating, hygiene, and sleeping which in turn feeds back into that negative cycle. The planning, problem solving, working memory, cognitive flexibility, and monitoring portion of EF work well for the most part, the attention, initiation, and inhibition aren't. ( I fell down a long rabbit hole of articles going over the properties that make up EF). But I'm not sure how to get attention back when I'm tired and in autopilot and haven't built up those habits I can fall into. Or when a reminder goes off why I still refuse to initiate in the tasks. When that happens the reasoning is gone too in that I'll think "I have time to put this off" or "it's not a priority" or "doing this is a monotonous waste of time and I'm nothing more than a mindless husk following basic tasks until the inevitable end of the heat death."... I can get a little melodramatic with my reasoning depending on the mood.

 Another thing I have been neglecting is journaling before or after bed. I've used this reflect on what I've done for the day, what I can do better, and what I can do going forward to be my best before bed. And after bed use it to state my intentions for the day, mindfully recognize the distractions that will come my way and how to say no, etc. Also, reading a book hasn't been a priority either. I have been listening to audiobooks while I do chores, but haven't sit down to open up a book for some wind down time. Then again that is more for relaxing, and I feel would need to be scheduled in, and seeing that there's no time during my work time, I'll have to do during my time off.


I have forgotten about the meditation part too. I've tried doing so before bed. It helps me to fall asleep faster. Maybe I can use this as a tool after work to focus on the present moment and restate my intentions so I don't ignore my needs and feed more to the negative downward spiral.




I had worked out last week and that left me sore for more than three days. And I had just used a simple 15 minute video. Although I may have gotten excited to push myself like that, that I may have continued with the reps afterwards. I remember I've done this in past challenges where I find a basic at home workout and realize how easy it is so I push myself, wake up sore for the rest of the week, and subconsciously don't want to do that again and end up self-sabotaging the whole challenge. I've done plenty of stretches at work, but I wasn't in the admin office long enough to do a workout. I don't have any issues with my knees since I've been taking vitamins and collagen smoothies more regularly. Plus I have been doing less physical parts replacements and more software troubleshooting. I use to have plantar fasciitis years ago after I started walking more to relax after work. At first I thought it was the new strain of physical activity and bad shoes. And after trying everything with the podiatrist. Came to realize that it was a vitamin D deficiency. Weird how a simple lack of a certain vitamins can cause some major chain reactions.




I've kept up with my AIP recipes. I'm glad I have so many meals stocked up. It's been nice that the newer recipes turned out well. The asparagus doesn't hold up well after being cooked a second time in the microwave. I've grabbed AIP friendly snacks that fix that salty crunch craving I get with plaintain chips. I also found that the grocery store has gluten free pretzels that taste like the real thing, buttery and all. I realize I don't really need snacks if the prepped meals are the right amount of calories. But most times they're not so I use cashews, almonds, and craisins to fill in the gap. They're still a good source of protein, carbs, and fats.


Hoarding knowledge

I finally started making a physical binder as a series bible for the story I'm writing. I realized I had a forgotten file in my google docs of the story I was working on last year. I even had a whole folder dedicated to the third and final big bad villain. The character interview is even in the form of a conversation. Guess I plugged into my autopilot deep processing mode when writing that. I can type about 85wpm so in meetings when someone is talking I would usually transpose what they were saying verbadim. I got some weird looks the first time I did it since I get this thousand yard stare while my fingers are going a mile a minute. But after cleaning up those notes and emailing to them to everyone in the meeting I would get emails from others who would not be able to make a meeting asking for the logs. or request for previous logs in the event of a dispute of what was said. the weird thing is, is when I was typing I couldn't recall a word I heard. Guess it's a weird thing about being a visual learner. I can give exact directions to most places in town and can see a place in pictureesque clarity, but can't recall basic conversations when stressed for the life of me.

This week I'll be combing through a bible series templates I found from one writer on youtube and be transcribing them for the google docs. I can pull them up from there and have a notebook at the ready to fill things in. I'd like to try writing things out again, then go into scanning them once I've gotten enough fleshed out. I don't want to be staring at my phone screen to write some things to find out the layout is wrong or something happens with my account.



Personal life level up

I've put google drive on my phone. It's more of a hassle than anything else. I've also included google docs when I need to edit things. Back when I started using drive to make my series bible I had laid out the sections and subsections, but it's like combing through a labrinth to get five folders in and jump between apps to view the doc. Lot's of trial and error there.

I canceled my gastroenterologist appointment to try and get a MRT allergy panel done with my other blood work. There was an error with the receptionist with my doctor and they never sent out that request. But on the bright side I did get the rest of my blood work done. All my thyroid tests came back normal so the AIP is really working well. The normal blood tests came back all good too. Not sure how long it will take to iron out the error and go in for round two of testing. My doctor doesn't want to prescribe me any thyroid meds since my charts came back so clean. Clean eating will do that. Guess this means I'll have to keep up the recipes. I'm not looking forward to the holidays.


Father's day was a nightmare. We had a true Texan meal of steaks with potatoes. I put some country crock fake butter on mine, but by the end of the meal I had to run to the restroom. My stepmom had prepared the steaks for my dad to put on the grill and I had pissed her off before coming over. As some pretext, I had texted my sisters to get a feel for her mood before coming over. She had asked me less than a day before to make empanadas for father's day. She knows I work night shift and spend my time off sleeping. I had no time to make it and the only stores that carried the right ingredients didn't open until 10AM. I would have sat around for four hours, get the ingredients, and miss out on brunch anyways since the only items she was making all had gluten and/or dairy. So I opted just to go home and sleep and join everyone for dinner. My sisters were not responding since they had left their phones away from the pool. But in pure evil stepmom fashion she went through their text to find what I had written. I had said something along the lines of not looking forward to her ugly and snarky attitude since I wasn't able to make something last minute. So I wouldn't put it against her for putting a whole stick of butter all over the steaks. My insides were hurting for the rest of the day after I was done with all that.



Lessons Learned

  • lack of sleep created executive dysfunction
  • meditation is a good way to break autopilot and be present
  • when going back into a workout routine, start off slow, and do not push past what the routine states
  • Craving sugar usually means a calorie deficit
  • dipping your toe back into processed sugars leads to a slippery slope
  • I wake up a half hour early to account for slow days or when I run into a chatty neighbor (and to give myself breathing room to cool down outside the building so my temperature checks out when I get scanned)
  • guided meditation app is the workweeks equivalent of the weekends "pause, think/evaluate, act" motto

to reiterate (prom previous challenge)

  • real food and adequate caloric intake removed sugar cravings
  • pause, think/evaluate, act is now my new motto for my weekends
  • A sleep score of less than 80 on a Fitbit results to short term memory issues, decrease in prolonged active listening, a broken filter when speaking with other fellow humans, word vomit/ rambling, etc.


  • Eating carbs close to bedtime lead to hunger pains in the morning
  • Not enough caloric intake at work leads to sugar/carb cravings afterwards which is a sign to eat more protein/veggies (even if you don’t wanna)
  • Not prescheduling weekends or journaling intentions leads to black out of +12hrs of wasted tictac watching


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