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Climbing was lots of fun! I lost lots of strength, as expected, but my technique is mostly still there :). My fingers felt like I shouldn't use them too much yet, so I almost exclusively climbed routes with huge holds, but it was fun nonetheless. I also have my first few bruises on my legs again :lol:.

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On 7/3/2020 at 9:54 AM, Tateman said:

That does sounds like fun was had :)

There was :).


I haven't been doing my mobility/yoga/anything stuff this week... I skipped on Tue, Wed and Sat. Today I already became acquainted with my foam roller, and I put "yoga" on my todo-list.


Yesterday I was too tired from work (including a bbq on Friday) to do anything. Apparently I do not sleep well if I eat too much and drink too much coke during a bbq. Oh well. A family member visited, so I'm going to count that as my fun activity. This morning we already played a board game, where I played a character I haven't played often, so that definitively counts as well :). My bf got all kinds of groceries on Friday without making a meal-plan, so today we'll try to make a plan for it and I'll get the rest of the groceries.


My muscle soreness from climbing on Thursday is almost gone, so I'll be climbing tomorrow again :D.

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On 7/14/2020 at 6:11 AM, Jupiter said:

Hey, Waanie, how did your challenge go last week?

Hi! I didn't actually log, and wasn't thinking about my challenge due to work being busy. It's better now, so I should pick it back up.


This weekend I did some nice things like board games and a long walk with bf. I haven't done anything fun yet today, but I did do yoga in the morning.


I'm actually in a good space mentally, although a bit tired. So while it's hard to make myself do things in the afternoon/evening on my days off, I'm not negative about it :)

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Lately I feel like I'm starting many little projects, but never finish something. I don't particularly NEED to finish something, but I feel like I can't hold my focus on something for longer than a few weeks at most. E.g. doing yoga, keeping a bullet journal, cleaning after dinner, etc. It's normal for me that I cycle my hobbies, but it's getting too extreme. How many weeks are left in this challenge? I think a new challenge might be a good place to start...


Anyway, for fun things: yesterday we played spirit island, did some hard sudoku's together and I started learning about neural networks. Today I continued with my introduction to neural networks (it's really cool, and not so much magic as maths, which I can do).


Also, my weight is slowly going down again to pre-corona levels, which is good. 

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It's more or less the end of the challenge now; all in all I didn't show up here a lot :(. I did stand still by the fact that I do lots of fun things though, and slowly but surely I'm finding my new balance. I'm climbing twice a week again, get lots of low-mid intensity exercise (7-10 hours per week), and I'm slowly losing weight again.


Next challenge I want a traditional challenge with 3-4 goals again. I feel like I do best in that case, and since my life is more or less back to normal after the corona-period, it's also feasible right now.


I'm considering to make the goal of my next challenge to get close to my old climbing level again. I have lost so much strength, it's just not funny. Climbing twice a week (as long as it's safe corona-wise), mobility work and monitoring my weight. Not sure about my last goal yet.

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