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Hapkido Taekwondo

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I have wanted to learn a martial art for a while now. I had hundreds of trainers living at my doorstep while I was living in the city yet I always put it off, next week, next week. Now i am in a pretty remote area yet have recently found out we have an instructor for Hapkido and taekwondo in town.

I know little of each of these and could google the day away but I'd just like your opinions on them.

Keep in Mind Hapkido is only taught once a week due to low class numbers while taekwondo is twice per week. The days don't conflict so if I hear nothing but positive things about each of them I may do both.

While i am here and asking, does anyone know if it is possible to do an intensive krav Maga course?? one where I could book some holidays from work, stay near by and train in it every day??

Thanks for the help, you will have to excuse any spelling mistakes etc I have made, I have just come off a 12 hour night shift and am very tired.

edit * JuJitsu may be starting up in the next 2 months would it be worth including in the mix??

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Hapkido and TKD are both of Koren origins but the quality of instructors could be WORLDS apart. Here is one advantage for you for the Hapkido class: fewer students could mean MORE time with the instructor. You'd be surprised at what you can learn with one good quality class a week and then seriously practice during the remaining 6 days of the week compared with two mediocre classes with less instruction time (however, it could be the opposite too if the TKD instructor is good). One advantage of a smaller class: if you are learning a basic form, for example, you might have the time to record your instructor or a senior student, or even yourself performing it at the dojang/dojo/training hall and then you have that for review during the rest of the week as you practice(it helps you not forget the moves that way). Just a thought for you.

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