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Here for an adventure!

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My names Amabel

:) i have been wanting to join this community for the longest time and i finally feel like im in a position to finish my challenges! 

I am a sporadic eater and exerciser, and i want to work on balance. 
I also am terrified of nearly every animal species (i mean, even snails bite you...) and my favourite food is sunflower shoots.

Yeah im not great at this intro thing. 
Hopefully some of you can be my friends!


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Welcome! There are no snails here because it's the internet and they can't type :) 
Good luck with your challenge!

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Welcome!  :)


Sunflower shoots sound delicious! I think I have even eaten them a few times and liked it. 


About the animal species comment. That was a roller coaster. When I read your intro I hurried over to Google to ask whether snails can bite. It turned out they can - WHAT! - with their thousands of little teeth -AAAAH- but it will only feel like a brush scraping your finger - PHEW! .... "Only a few wild snails can bite you painfully." 32jowglzsgm Okay. Nature is awesome but also always wants to eat you. Even snails.


Since you said "nearly": which animal species are you not afraid of? (Besides friendly humans 😛 )




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