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Turn the Beat Around: TiogaGirl Boogies Down


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New challenge! New challenge! New challenge without any mistakes in it yet!


Food: get back to tracking things in MFP. When that’s not easily done (eg away without internet), practice Lean and Strong eating skills: this week’s are focusing on protein, eating mindfully (fork down between bites), 4-6 hours between meals. Log as many days without booze as I can.


Activity: close the 3 Health rings on the ol’ watch each day. Kettlebells or bodyweight strength workout 3x/week. Ride my bike when the day permits!


Creature of Habit: work out a morning and evening routine that work for me. 


Extra Disco Fabulosity: something happy-making each day. Could be taking a bath, painting toenails, face masks with the little bug (I mean the kind that make your skin glow, not the PPE kind), setting up physically distanced visits with friends, kitchen dance party, or smashing a session of piano.



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I LOVE this song

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                                        the year of living trippily

 The most current of all: Final Boss  Previous:    Adult Content

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                                    Even More Current: 52 Days

                                    Currently Current: 100 Days

                               Current: Queen 2: Electric Boogaloo

                                            Queen of the Jungle

                              THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE CHALLENGE

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                                        (part 3: The Wickening)

                                               (part 2) (part 1)


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Thanks!! 🥰


This was a pretty great day. Walked the doggies, then biked 25 miles, then ... okay, I wasn’t good for much after the bike ride. Was lovely and quiet on the country roads but HOT!! Did a little work in the afternoon, and made turkey meatballs to have handy when the snack monster strikes, woot. Brother and fam came over for dinner, then just a nice lazy evening, then took the time to floss (my teeth, not the dance, lol) and do the ol’ skincare routine. Checkin here and next up is reading some more of The Winter King (recommend!)  It’ll be a hectic work week but I’m up to it!


Food: all logged and awesome deficit 😁

Activity: watch rings closed thanks to wicked bike ride, maybe crush some kettlebells tomorrow?

Habit: Strong morning routine (last night’s dishes, latte on the patio, dog walk, breakfast then riding all morning!) but probably not sustainable during the workweek. Evening routine is solid, the key is stepping away from the TV by 9:30.

Extra: Oh you KNOW I was dancing to the challenge theme song.





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I had to click on your challenge when I saw the title! All the high school memories! Nice goals, I particularly appreciate your happy-making plan and look forward to seeing the variety of things you do. 

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Feminist Ranger (she/her)

Based in Melbourne, Australia

Current Challenge: Emerald Eagle refills her cup (January 2021)
Instagram: @emeraldeaglenf


“I wish you would thrash him. He deserves it." She looked back at him. "I will one day, sir. I'm getting tired of falling down.” - Alanna: The First Adventure

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Monday report!


Food: all logged, baby! Slight deficit, I’ll take it. And Monday was day 4 in a no-drinking streak. *edit, Mon was day 6!*

Activity: Yes, watch rings closed. No weights happened but I crushed a very sweaty 5 km powerwalk before work. Weights will happen today!

Creature of Habit: Morning routine: latte outside on the patio browsing NF, dog walk, workout. Evening routine: headed upstairs for skincare, flossing/brushing before 10 pm. I did get sucked into work emails rather than a relaxing pre bed novel though, boo. [altho TWK is not what I would call relaxing anyhow]

Extra: was going to take an awesome bath, and then ... didn’t? Why do I do the things I do? Doubling down here, today/tonight will involve a bath AND a mask.


All told, pretty solid for a busy workday. It helped having handy high-protein snacks on hand and working out earlier rather than later in the day. Scale is down today, yay! I had some good work news (papers accepted!) Balanced by bad pet news (my most fetch-loving, athletic dog seems to have torn her ACL, which is fixable but will involve lots of downtime [bad news for her] and $$ [bad news for me]. But we’ve got her set up with anti inflammatories and she’ll be in good hands with the vet. Poor pup!

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Morning routine shakeup: Normally the dogs and I hit the park for some pre-breakfast shenanigans. With T-dog benched, the park is off limits so I went for an early morning ride instead. 20 km along the river path, sweet! (which my phone wants to correct to 'sweat', and that's not wrong either)


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You *do* need a bike! When I used to watch TWD I was always perplexed why the main characters weren’t zipping around on bikes to elude the zoms. That, to me, would be one of the big silver linings of societal collapse. 


Tue and Wed were pretty good! Well, Tuesday was better, because bike ride, obvs. Both busy days filled with emails and zooms, and interviewing faculty candidates. 


Food: All tracked on Tuesday, yay! Overshot calorie goal though, boo (but that is not technically a goal this week, so whatever). Didn’t track on Wednesday (ashamed face) but all good nourishing stuff with the exception of an ice cream from the amazing artisanal ice cream place in my ‘hood that makes its own waffle cones. Walked over with the kids, and even though I ended up with chocolate ice cream all over my mask, shorts and legs I have NO REGRETS. No booze, streak is up to 8 days.


Activity: All watch rings closed, and smoking my hubby in our week long challenge. Tuesday’s ride was the most fun thing, the rest made up by various powerwalks. The dogs continue to be confused why they’re no longer invited along on such... Tdog seeing the vet again today for xrays and further testing to confirm ACL diagnosis. Oh and STARTED the benchmark test for NF pull-up challenge. I have no pull-up bar handy so could only test out of levels 1-3, gotta find a handy playground bar to try the higher level stuff. Still a nice burn in the shoulders which I like.


Creature of Habit: Tuesday’s bike ride counts as a candidate morning activity and set me up for a strong rest of day. Tues night nothing to write home about, just stayed up too late playing Gardenscape, eek. Wednesday’s evening routine was great, a walk after dinner with hubs and then an awesome bath featuring LUSH bath oil. 


Extra: Counting the bath as my ‘extra’ for Wednesday, and I guess the ice cream run as extra for Tuesday. (It was really, really good ice cream) 


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I had to zip around to FOUR different playgrounds on my bike to find one with a chin-up bar, but finally got it. Chin-up benchmark test: 30 sec unassisted hang. Then knocked out workout 1 for the challenge!


Ended up spending much of today ferrying around dogs and kids, BUT. Vet called and said T-dog does not appear to have ACL tear after all... probably just some other soft tissue damage. She’s home now, still mostly doped up from strong veterinary sedatives, and I’m vastly relieved!


Still need to go for powerwalk or some such after dinner, and I got way less writing done than I wanted today, but tomorrow is another day. Daughter and I have an appointment after work to visit our favourite bra boutique (I kind of love the covid sometimes, most of my best shops are by appointment only, one group in the shop at a time, and I just feel so fancy and waited on) — then Critical Mass bike ride. Hopefully no zombies though Xena!

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Friday update! 


FINALLY finished a review that was several days overdue, so that felt great to send it off. Our house was being cleaned, so rather than lurk around awkwardly getting in the way of our awesome cleaning lady I worked on campus for the first time since early March. (although I have made a couple forays to my office this spring to rescue various files, papers, shoes and lipsticks — I LIKED HAVING A WELL STOCKED OFFICE, OKAY?). As soon as I was back in the office working, instead of at the dining room table, mental focus came way easier. And realized I missed my commute (about 3 km walk each way) so it was a pretty positive experience.


ANYWAY, worked efficiently enough for once that I wrapped up what really needed to be done, put out some extra metaphorical fires that cropped up, and made it home in time to go bra shopping with the kiddo. I mean she’s 19, so this is not a First Bra outing, but our favourite underwear shop is closing so we made an appointment to check out the closing sale. Sad to see it go but MY WORD that is a nice way to shop - we each stripped down and the awesome manager sized us up then brought bra after bra after bra, and we capered around in our skivvies as there was no-one else in the shop. All my bras were several years old (I know, I know) and I had forgotten how much nicer a new well fitting one is and how much better they make everything look! Not just the ladies, but the whole torso! So a big chunk of the money saved by T-dog probably not needing ACL surgery got spent on that, and we have boobs for days.


After that, chilled on the patio with hubs and played some video games as he virtual happy-houred with his lab; then critical mass ride starting from one of the local parks and looping all around our downtown. Had to mask up for that, but we were rolling slow enough that I could breathe fine. Saw a couple of my riding group people for the first time since fall, which was so nice, I miss riding with people! 


Came home sweaty and happy, hubs grilled me up a cheeseburger, and I took advantage of the bbq being on to grill up an eggplant and made my first ever batch baba ganoush. So good!!  Snacked on that and baby carrots instead of eating like a trash person while we did some Last Kingdom rewatch, then off to bed having seen July off properly.


Food: tracked up to but not including dinner time. Burn was good so I *think* should have been in deficit. No booze, but tragically I’m back at day 1 after drinking a vodka Soda on thurs. I have to face the fact that I am a total lightweight these days and a single drink throws me for a loop and messes with my sleep, ack.

Activity: awesome, tons of walking around plus bike ride plus some pull exercises working on getting that chinup

Creature of Habit: morning routine had a good structure, thanks to going in to work! Evening routine was a little wobbly, went to bed pretty late after watching TV and playing Gardenscapes right up to bedtime. But full skincare routine, flossing teeth etc all got done.

Extra fabulosity: NEW. BRAS. And they are fabulous. Getting to ride my bike all up and down the main streets of the city without much fear of being sideswiped was pretty great, too.



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One (disco) step forward, one (disco) step back:

Friday was SO GOOD! And Saturday I was GARBAGE at challenge stuff. Ate like a trash person, started out for a powerwalk but hoped right out of there when I realized how muggy it was, drank vinho verde when I had said I wasn’t going to drink, didn’t track food. BLEAH.


Okay, it wasn’t a horrible day, just didn’t get me closer to challenge goal of becoming hotter and more fab. I did get up early and cleaned up the kitchen (doing so before bed is a whole other level of aspiration, and most days if I lie in bed long enough hubby will clean it up anyway); had a great practice session of piano followed by a lesson that went super well; commented up a grad student manuscript; babied my skin with a fresh face mask; and organized a Zoom call with two of my sibs. (Mom was also invited to the call, and indeed the main reason we set it up was to cheer her up about something, but she apparently cheered up so well on her own that she forgot to join us, LOL). And checked out the pilot of The Umbrella Academy (late to the party) which looks pretty good! First corn on the cob of the year for dinner and sour cherries/raspberries and Cointreau with whipped cream for dessert. Okay, I don’t have SO many regrets.


Still working on crushing today though. Longish walk is in the books, and a bodyweight workout + rings session to help get that chin-up. And this afternoon I’m signed up for my first studio yoga class since March — a little apprehensive but the owner is super conscientious and I *think* it seems safe.


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Sunday reckoning!


Food: Tracked 😀 but way over cals 😨 but no booze 😁 Also very successfully modified a rhubarb cake into a rhubarb and plum cake, which was fabulous!

Activity: Got that burn on! Fair bit of walking around, and strength workout that I am REALLY feeling in my glutes today 😀

Creature of habit: Watched through the NF coaches’ descriptions of their routines and got some cool ideas. My own routines were nothing to write home about though 😶

Extra Disco Fabulosity: Impromptu dancing just because hubby was spinning some good tunes, and a non impromptu bubble bath. 😍


Side quest for today — brought to you by my watch’s activity app — is to double my usual active cal goal. Currently at 130/1260 for today so I’d best get a move on! Holiday Monday here and just about to jump on the bike for a long ride.


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Wooooo 50 km ride! That is a little longer than I intended but just as I was getting to my planned turnaround point I found an awesome little rail trail, so a little extra exploring happened. Came home absolutely encrusted in salt, but am showered off now. My dadblasted watch ran out of battery life partway through the ride, entirely my fault, so it won’t know that I’m super close to the active calorie goal, but I know it. Saw a scarlet tanager, which is one of my very favourite birds, plus many many goldfinches, song sparrows, savanna sparrows and one turkey who appeared to be on the lam. We made eye contact and then she slooooowly retracted her neck down into the grass, all “This never happened. You didn’t see ANYTHING.”


Aw, poor Tdog just got stung on the foot by a wasp! She can’t catch a break this week.





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