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Turn the Beat Around: TiogaGirl Boogies Down


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Monday recap:

Food: 😀 (cals a little high objectively but burned a lot, so still in the red for the day)

Activity😀 (love my bike! And yeah, nailed my watch’s 2x move goal)

C of H: 😃 (bedtime routine was awesome, stepped away from the TV at 930, did skincare & flossing, read TWK til 10 when I got super sleepy)

Extra: Radical session playing piano: from blues to Bach to Phantom, just wherever the mood took me


Back to work today! Work goal is to focus on paper revisions til noon, so I’ll send one more email then no more checking it til then! If I can get this paper whipped into shape this week that’d be fabulous, but next week would be acceptable too. Challenge wise I want to hit Sunday’s strength workout again, plus enough walks in there as movement snacks to get me to today’s step goal. GO!


*edit* got the last email sent, so off to walk the dogs, then strength workout, shower, and some focused writing (revising) time!


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Still alive! Just fell prey to the dog days of summer. Have been slacking on not eating like a jerk, and consequently putting on a few pounds, but still time to get back on course.


Friday I walked to campus and worked there all day, startlingly more easy to focus than at home. Really good days Fri and Sat both, although Sat afternoon I was super lethargic for awhile. Turns out that swigging an iced coffee and jumping on the bike for a quick ride will do wonders to perk me up. Rode out of town again today, a quick 16 miler before the thunderstorms hit. That always feels epic when I tear back home juuuust in time, like getting away with something or successfully pulling off a caper!


On the slate for today, prepping turkey meatballs, putting away giant pile of clothes, piano and then some yin yoga. Heres D dog modeling dog days of summer and me in avatar form!




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So in beta testing the NF app I did a quick walk as part of the day’s quest. Didn’t see any baddies but did see a woman with exactly my goals bod. Defined shoulders and narrow waist FTW! Hopefully I did not come across as overly creepy checking her out and trying to calculate what kind of workouts would get me looking more like that 😳😂

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Let’s reboot the accountability part of the challenge. What was I trying to do again? 😂 OK, for Sunday,

Food: back on track, in the sense of tracking it, if not the sense of generating a strong caloric deficit. Cals just under 1900 (which I think for most women is high but for me it’s low!) Mostly awesome summer foods: grilled summer squash, corn on the cob, caprese salad, jerk tenderloin for dinner; grilled peaches for dessert; breakfast burrito bowl; turkey meatballs and baby carrots; only regrettable thing was some hazelnut chocolate my daughter brought home. (Was really good tho’ haha)

Activity: yeah, slammed the watch rings closed thanks mostly to bike ride and also to feeling way less tired than yesterday. Did some easy yin yoga too, more to pre empt cycling DOMS than to elevate the HR. Hubby and I are in an activity challenge this week (sun was day 1) and while my competitive streak is not my most lovable trait I can say that I am KILLING IT so far this week.

Creature of Habit: Morning routine exercised flexibility, ie being ready to spring out the door asap to get my ride in before the storm. I’m cool with that.

Extra Disco Fabulosity: Extra is my favourite. Had a pretty awesome piano session and then took to the tub with Jason Bateman (er, watching Ozark) and a new to me bath bomb and a couple bottles of bubbly water.


So a good weekend and one in which I consciously decided not to answer any work related emails. Let’s see how long this good energy carries me into the week ahead.


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Monday was ... a blur? At least I’m blanking on it now. OK, here is what I can reconstruct:

Food - tracked, which is good. Way over calories, less good. Brought to you by warm homemade sourdough and chocolate peanut butter ice cream. No alcohol though, yay?

Activity - OK! 3 rounds of bodyweight workout and enough walking to close all watch rings.

C of Habit - wasn’t really mindful of either morning or evening routine.

Extra - nothing comes to mind here 


Tuesday checkin:

Food - tracked, over planned calories but just into the maintenance zone, not a trash fire like Monday. Again with the no alcohol.

Activity - lots of walking/running around campus, closed watch rings, but no strength workout

C of H - evening was good! Took the dogs for a post dinner walk, called my mom, did ablutions BEFORE I felt tired, went to bed at like 9:30 and read for a bit, slept like a rock.

Extra - new dress arrived and I LOVE it so spent a fair few minutes dancing and twirling around the house showing it off 😂


Today will be great if I can actually hit caloric deficit! Extra bonus points for getting in a BW workout.


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Whooo, did the bodyweight workout then walked to campus and to Mediterranean lunch spot, then back home, and just now heading to yin yoga. Backyard pizza party tonight with little bro and his kids (thanks Ooni), I will have to be a sweaty host but could not turn down getting off the yoga class waitlist! Shaping up to be 15 km of walking today (why didn’t I take my bike?!)

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Back at the lake for the week. Deer flies have died down, so the labs and I went for a solid hike yesterday, then i jumped in the lake and swam swam swam. Apparently that’s quite a workout according to my watch and according to my delightful muscle soreness this morning (no shade, I actually do like gently sore muscles). And tracked food despite being at cottage and pretty much hit deficit! 

I am nowhere near where I want to be yet (overall) but one great thing has been alcohol consumption, super moderate lately. Half a beer this past Friday and a full one the previous Friday. Eh, was that even a challenge goal this time around? I’ll take it anyway, and the ensuing great sleep.

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Still here! Still alive! 

So, can I make a note here, “huge success”? Reckoning up.

Food: Tracked everything for 19 days this challenge. On again, off again, but the last 4-5 days have been on again and I’m digging the momentum. Really keen to continue this and hopefully achieve habit status.

Activity: Closed all watch rings 27 days this challenge. And this includes bumping up my active calorie goal from like 600 to 700, so *flex*. And came close (within 100 cals of goal) another 5 days. Bike: at least 8 ‘workout’ rides this challenge. Weights: uh, possibly as few as 5 strength workouts this challenge? Maybe a couple more (my record keeping could use some work) but definitely not thrice a week. Did get back into being active at the cottage. Hiking in the woods, but even better, LAKE SWIMMING!! I used to swim competitively and then for years was sick and tired of it ... then had the urge to start up again, and damn it felt great on the old shoulders and core. Super minimalist as I have no gear anymore, no goggles, no cap, no earplugs, no kickboard, hell not even a suit [our cottage lake is pretty secluded]. That was probably the coolest most unexpected activity of the challenge. Oh and yoga studio re-opened at reduced capacity so I’ve been there several times too (mostly yin-for-the-win).

Creature of Habit: Still casting around on this. I have been trying to take what works for me from the NF coaches’ vids on their morning/evening routines, and picked up the Fabulous app too. With the days shortening, I’m finding the morning routine tougher (colder and darker outside) but the evening routine (skincare, flossing, reading in bed) easier.

Extra: Eh, sometimes. Probably not every day. But I had some epic LUSH baths and am sporting some Spider-Man colourway toenails and just yesterday got my highlights done for the first time since like February. And agreed to take part in virtual show choir, and to keep on with piano lessons (also virtual). Work promises to be super stressful from now until end of June, boo, but I’m hoping that having some fun extracurrics will counteract that a bit.


See you on the other side!


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Way to smash the challenge.And woohoo for getting back into swimming!

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