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To the point:


  1.  Earn that Dollar: This works for me, so I'm continuing on with it. I've earned 79 dollars towards a winter coat, and after this super hot summer, I think winter cold is going to feel really  COLD,  so I'm definitely gonna want a nice warm coat.
  2.  Do something enjoyable screen-free for 30 minutes a day.  I may narrow this to a specific activity as the challenge continues, but for now, it'll be fun just to try stuff out. 
  3. Body Care- I was inspired by Deffy on this one. I want to take more time in life taking care of myself beyond just eating right, exercising and not smelling bad. So it's time to moisturize, and figure out how to take care of this hair, and just really appreciate my appearance instead of engaging in self-destructive activities. 
  4. Disconnect at bedtime. No online doom-scrolling, news watching, instant messaging. In fact, I'm going to leave my tablet and phone in a different room when it's time to go to bed. I'm tired of being tired. I want to sleep better at night. This is a good starting place. No more tucking electronics under the pillow next to me either. :D 



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@deftona contributes to inspire us all

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                                        the year of living trippily

                                      Final Boss, Part 2    Boss, Part 1  Previous:    Adult Content

    Brain Weasels    Choose Your Own Adventure Woman of Mystery -   Worth i Simplicity     



                                     Take it Outside II

                                             Take it Outside

                                    Even More Current: 52 Days

                                    Currently Current: 100 Days

                               Current: Queen 2: Electric Boogaloo

                                            Queen of the Jungle

                              THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE CHALLENGE

                                      Apart six: Amazon  (part 5)

                                        (part 3: The Wickening)

                                               (part 2) (part 1)


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13 hours ago, fitnessgurl said:

Nice! I've started keeping my phone in the living room & I'm sleeping much better. ☺

That's what I'm hoping for! Thanks!💚

12 hours ago, DJtrippyT said:

@deftona contributes to inspire us all

A Queen must set an example for her peoples.👑

2 hours ago, annyshay said:

These are great goals, and you can totally do this!!!

Thank you!💚




REVIEW: Sunday, Week 0, Day 1

  1. ❌Earn That Dollar- Nope. Sunday was a rest day and I really enjoyed the day off. 
  2. ✔️Screen-Free for 30 minutes-Yes! I played around with how I'm going to track my habits in my BuJo, and then I sorted all my wool thread to be catalogued into Excel later. 
  3. ✔️ Body Care- Yes. I'm starting a moisturizing routine in the evenings, and I bought a new face wash which really feels good and I can feel it killing all the hormonal acne. MUWAHAHAHA. I also put in an overnight moisturizer for my hair and it feels a lot better today 😍
  4. ❌Disconnect at Bedtime- I did okay until 2:30am when I had a nightmare and I grabbed my phone. At first I was like "I'm just gonna look at some puppies, and then I got sucked into the news, which just proves to me I definitely need to keep my devices out of the room at night and that this is a very good habit to break!
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Also following. 

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Adventurer, Half-Dwarf Chaotic-Good Paladin

Ne me dites jamais les chances!  ¡Nunca me digas las probabilidades!

Character Sheet Training Logs Challenges Prepping for Adventure PrepAdventure Prep Fall BabyWhen Are We Again, Anyway?WhirlwindThe Leaf's LocusHarnessing Hamingja New Roots More Beginnings, More Roots Cleaning Up Facing The Hailstorm Yo Ho Yo The... Keto Life For Me? Taming the Beast Another Step Towards the Future Baking, Suburban Homesteading, and Health, The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale IIIIIIIVVVI, VII VIIIIX


Perennial goals: Sleep 7+ hours a night, retain (and continue to learn) French and Spanish as a family, increase Spanish Proficiency for work and play,  read like a maniac on my own and with my kids, carry heavy stuff

Long term goals: Cut to 13-15% bodyfat, And now that I'm grown I eat five dozen eggs, so I'm roughly the size of a baaaaarge! -> Someday I'll challenge a Disney world Gaston to a push up contest and win

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REVIEW: Monday, Week 0, Day 2

  1. ✔️Earn That Dollar- Yes! RingFit Adventure is now my go-to workout. I love the constant positive feedback, and the stupid thing pushes me beyond my comfort zone into Sweaty Territories, and dammit, I feel really good.  
  2. ❌Screen-Free for 30 minutes-Not even- I don't think I had one 30 minute stretch without a screen yesterday. I read my book on a screen, played games on a screen, did organization with a screen.  It's really remarkable. I think unless I was eating dinner or in the shower, I had a screen handy.  
  3. ✔️ Body Care-  Yes! Last night before bed I put oil on all my cuticles and pushed them back. Wow, that feels amazing on my nails! I moisturized my feet, and once they were dry, I washed and moisturized my hands. Last night my scalp massager and silk scarf came in the mail along with some hair gel, so I am EXCITED TO USE THESE.
  4. ❌Disconnect at Bedtime- Nope, I took my book to bed with me, and ended up texting my brother about the book and a game and my cousin and I texted about her new bathroom in Animal Crossing. It was really fun, but tonight I'm going to leave my book downstairs 😭  Because I woke up at 4am and read the news about poisonous hand sanitizers and THAT WAS IT. So I need to leave the devices in another room so I can Finish my good night's sleep. News will still be news at 6 or 7am.


OMG THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD! I'm like, really annoyed at my paying work right now because I just want to READ THE BOOK. 😍😂  It's about a case worker who is employed by a company that monitors magical children and this guy makes sure that the orphanages they live at are up to snuff and follow codes and stuff. And then he gets a special assignment.  (muppet flail) 



Is this format working for y'all? I thought I'd try it out, because I have trouble sometimes keeping track of what day it is and sometimes I forget about one of my goals for a WEEK. Lemme know if it works or if you have suggestions.  Also, if you're like "Whatever man, just keep making progress" I'm open to that feedback too. :D 


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On 7/26/2020 at 2:43 PM, Snarkyfishguts said:

No online doom-scrolling, news watching, instant messaging. In fact, I'm going to leave my tablet and phone in a different room when it's time to go to bed.

"doom-scrolling" is very fitting.  This is the extent of my social media/news besides the random shit on the tvs at the gym if I happen to go early enough.

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11 hours ago, Teros said:

"doom-scrolling" is very fitting.  This is the extent of my social media/news besides the random shit on the tvs at the gym if I happen to go early enough.

I can't take credit for it! I'm following the Twitterverse Dictionary. Which is not actually a thing. But should be. I definitely check the news online and then I check Twitter to see what's trending and how people are responding. Sometimes the news doesn't cover events that people online do, and sometimes there's a big story, but no one is talking about it on Twitter. It's pretty fascinating!


REVIEW: Tuesday, Week 0, Day 3

  1. ✔️Earn That Dollar- Yes! I really pushed it with customized workouts on Ringfit, and I discovered muscles that squeaked in tiny decrepit voices "Who disturbs our slumber? Vengeance shall be ours!"  
  2. ✔️Screen-Free for 30 minutes-Yes! I started a pastel project and spent the afternoon cutting out a garden scape to use as a stencil. I really love it so much that I'm going to transfer it to another sheet and cut it out and use this one as my stencil to wreck.  
  3. ✔️ Body Care-  I used all my new haircare products, and my hair did look wavy and pretty for a few hours. Then Frizz happened. And I went to sleep with my hair wrapped in my beautiful scarf and the scarf was pulled off at some point and now I have poof hair. I don't think my hair really likes the hair mask I'm using in the shower either. My hair feels more like a puffy cat tail lately, I'm not having that. I just don't know what to do about it.
  4. ✔️Disconnect at Bedtime- Your girl did GOOD. I finished reading THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA and it was so nice. And then I left ALL my devices out of the room, got ready for bed and plonk! Right out and didn't wake up until about 5:30am which is a NEW SLEEP RECORD! And then I went BACK to sleep. 


The weather finally broke which means the high is going to be in the lower 80s and it's 63 out right now!! I'm so excited, and surprisingly really chilly. Last night I was walking around the house wearing a sweater, and it was 75 degrees inside. I don't remember the last time we had a sustained heatwave like this. I find it disturbing. I promised to get some gardening done, and some cleaning. And that gravel pit can be finished finally. 


What is your favorite song for "I don't want to do anything, but now I'm ready to go after listening to this song?"  mornings?



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8 hours ago, Snarkyfishguts said:

What is your favorite song for "I don't want to do anything, but now I'm ready to go after listening to this song?"  mornings?


This! This is my summoning song! 




I can't not dance to this song. Even if I'm on the train, I always find I'm accidentally shaking ma booty

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If it's not siesta or fiesta, I'm not interested. 

Profile picture credit : NF's resident super artist - NinjaKitten

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9 hours ago, Emma said:

Doom following...love that term, so appropriate for me too.

Your challenge is looking good!

Thank you! I'm glad you're here!


REVIEW: Wednesday, Week 0, Day 4

  1. ❌Earn That Dollar- No. I got 10 minutes into it, and my body needed a break. It was too hot for yard work.  
  2. ✔️Screen-Free for 30 minutes- Yes.  I continued on my pastel project. I drew more because it felt unfinished and cut out that part for my stencil and have begun applying the pastel.  I'm finishing it up today. 
  3. ✔️ Body Care- I trimmed some of my hair. barely. Just the bits that were growing faster and straggly, so tiny snips and my hair looks and feels a lot better. 
  4. ✔️Disconnect at Bedtime- Yes. And I slept really well until about 4am.


Covid cases are rising in my area and people are still walking around without masks, even though they are supposed to. You know, I'd love to get my hair cut and have a mocha at the cafe and just pretend everything is fine too. But it's not, and I'm tired and down. I think Fitness Boxing will be a good idea today. PUNCH ALL THE THINGS




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REVIEW: Thursday, Week 0, Day 5

  1. ✔️Earn That Dollar- Yes. I worked out 45 minutes yesterday with a combination of Ringfit and Fitness Boxing. I'm finding that sweet spot where it's challenging but still fun.
  2. ❌Screen-Free for 30 minutes- Nope. I was on screens throughout the day. I also got a really bad headache from it. So I'll be extra mindful to spend more time away from screens. 
  3. ✔️ Body Care- Yes. I put on make up and jewelry and felt very pretty.  
  4. ✔️Disconnect at Bedtime- Yes! I was up late with an online chat, but I left my devices behind, and woke up a few times, but could go back to sleep. 



So it's Friday and that means Weigh Day! I weighed 264, which is great progress considering I also started my period today and feel like a water balloon. I want to Hulk Smash my way out of the 260's, but if I tiptoe past it, that's okay too. 



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REVIEW: Friday, Week 0, Day 6

  1. ✔️Earn That Dollar- Yes. 20 minutes walking and 30 minutes gardening. It's now in the high 80's and it feels really good after being so hot.
  2. ✔️Screen-Free for 30 minutes- Yes. I had a headache and avoided screens most of the day 
  3. ✔️ Body Care- Yes. I took extra care with my night time routine, and my skin does look a lot better after just a week of this. Also I tried out this scalp massager in the shower today and it's wonderful. My scalp feels good!
  4. ✔️Disconnect at Bedtime- Yes! I'm logging off after this, and won't be logging onto anything afterwards. 




In reviewing this week, I think I need to pick an activity that is screen free each week. Just something more intentional with that time. Meditation, practicing the ukulele, embroidery... y'know?  So for week one, my screen-free activity is going to be "Ukulele Practice" 






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I’m taking the day off from everything Mom fell down and injured her ankle yesterday. Its just bruised and is healing nicely, and shes resting it AS SHE SHOULD. 

Dad is reading mysteries and as soon As I say Im going to read what hes reading, he Gets really excited and spoils the book.  He doesn't think he's spoiling it,  but every fucking time. It drives me nuts! I tell him every time, I just want to read it then lets talk about it and he says “well, I’m not giving anything away but this mystery revolved around sleight of hand.. And then two chapters in, I know the solution and I’m like “DAMMIT, DAD”  so I’m trying to finish The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra because He’s under strict orders NOT To say one word, NOT ONE WORD, and you can see him practically dancing to hold it in. 😁💙

How’s everyone else doing?

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