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4 hours ago, Snarkyfishguts said:

Everything is disinfected now, and we did shots to kill bacteria in our throats and I'm buzzed now. 


Ok I'm adopting this into my new covid practice. Might introduce it at work too, just to be safe. 

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The Sarcastic Computator

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Today is the last day of my mini-challenge to survive my family. Honestly I totally flunked sticking to my food plan last night, but natural consequences of 3am heartburn have insured that will never happen again. 


I realized I put food in my mouth whenever someone is stressing me out. It can be a little thing like a comment or just that I'm really tired and wish everyone had left an hour earlier.  I need to practice mindfulness, and find a different coping mechanism.  


But honestly, since my grandparents died, you can see everyone is figuring out how to be happier, proud of their accomplishments, and letting go of those old critical voices. No one is here to tell them not to be boastful or proud. Instead it's family contradicting that internalized critic saying "This is really cool. I really admire this, it's something to be proud of"  


It's funny because my grandparents are the reason we get together all the time. My grandmother firmly believed family needed to stick together and she knew that when she was gone, her children would need each other. She was really smart in that way. But she and my grandfather were so controlling and quick to criticize... I just feel sad that they couldn't be a part of seeing their family become more compassionate, healing, and proud. If they had been different, they would've fostered this instead of it happening only after they weren't in the picture anymore. 


So today is a beautiful day. I'm going to sit outside and digest all the cookies from last night. My uncle is leaving this afternoon, and this mini-challenge will be done! I feel like I did really well during this challenge except for one night. So I definitely failed in my eating habits, but I passed maintaining boundaries, getting up from the table, and staying active. Not a perfect win, but not a perfect fail either. I'll take it. :) 


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