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fearless: the minimalist challenge

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15 hours ago, fearless 2.0 said:

Funny that I don't feel proud at all about finishing so much yard work. I only realize that it´s not finished.


This is where my mind lives at times. But focusing on step by step makes it easier.

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"... However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light." -  Stanley Kubrick

"Difficult for myself? Agent... I was born difficult for myself." - Clint Barton

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There's a saying in polish: "Better" is "good"s worst enemy. 


Perfectionism is a crappy mindset, and thinking "all-or-nothing" style only makes situation worse. I have the same problem and I fight it with help of my therapist (alone I wasn't strong enough).


You (or things you do) don't need to be perfect, good enough is really good enough.


5 minutes ago, Echoceanic said:

focusing on step by step makes it easier

+1 :) 

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I absolutely CAN run on caffeine and hatred. But only with a dash of milk.

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Bike build

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woke up with a sore throat and had to cancel almost every commitment this week. Coronavirus makes every little cold a potential danger for my students and I don't want to be the person to infect others. 

Weight down to 102.2.

feel tired and will just rest today. Mixed emotions: relief that I don't have to work so hard this week and sadness because I was having a good run with my appointments and stuff..


See you tonight! ❤️

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be fearlessly yourself! :onthego:

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headache, sore throat. Im lying on the sofa all day. went to the shop to buy milk with the dog, that was all the movement for today. Fell into a twitter hole for 2 hours after having stayed off social media for days. 

giving myself a zero goals to achieve day.



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be fearlessly yourself! :onthego:

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Hope you're feeling better!

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"Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is." -Yoda


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13 hours ago, Terra said:

I hope you are able to do what you need to do to feel better!  (I like to drink a bit of tea with honey for a sore throat, stretch and read a book in the outdoors or bed if needed.) 


Take care!!!  


11 hours ago, aramis said:



or call the doctor...



... well, maybe not this one.


10 hours ago, Salinger said:

How do you feel FL? Hope you managed to rest up x


9 hours ago, Xena said:

Feel better!


8 hours ago, RES said:

Hope you're feeling better!

You guys all made me smile!!! ❤️ Thank you for all the good wishes. They worked and I feel slightly better today. No temperature also so don't have to see a doctor. Will rest today and tomorrow and get back into things at the end of the week. Thank god I worked so much last week ... Im not in financial trouble because I have saved a couple bucks. :)

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be fearlessly yourself! :onthego:

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weight down to 102.1 kg. The scale showed the 101 for a second before going back up. Im so exited that I will be reaching my goal of being under a hundred kilos soon. The change of macros ( more protein, less fat ) hit the spot. Im ver pleased. Next challenge I will experiment with low and high calorie days. I cant tell that I lost weight from looking in the mirror or down at myself, but I found pictures from before keto and they tell a different story.


Off to see what you are up to! ❤️



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be fearlessly yourself! :onthego:

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sore throat got worse tonight so I just saw my doctor. Its nothing serious / no temperature / no corona,  well, just some inflammation. Got medicine from the pharmacy and went back on the sofa. Must say though that I've been still pretty active today...

went shopping 3k

went to doc and pharmacy 2k

took dog out 

1x washing done

dishwasher was filled and just finished

cleaned living room

cooked for 3 days


Am happy and will just relax now.



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be fearlessly yourself! :onthego:

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Im a bit worried because I have a bit of fever. throat hurts and I feel miserable. I need to work to survive, cant take a two week break. will see the doctor again tomorrow. Maybe antibiotics? 

instant it funny that I turn into a 3 year old as soon as Im sick??? :) just wanna whine and be reassured. 


the challenge is on hold right now. Im just lying down, drinking lots and sleeping as much as possible. 



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be fearlessly yourself! :onthego:

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Im leaving early again. Will be back on Sunday with my new goals,hopefully healthy and with new energy!


this challenge started with me doing a keto break and gaining a lot of weight back. Highest weight this challenge was 107kg. Today Im down to 102.1kg. Real happy about that! :)

the name giving minimalist game was played until the 15th and my apartment is completely decluttered. I got rid of 106 items big and small and today I put the last stuff on the curb to be picked up by the trash men . Happy about that too!

Read about Cross Fit here in the group and rediscovered my wish to start doing that again. Unfortunately I wasn't very good at preparing for training by doing my bodyweight circuit. I never really liked doing it and the times I did stretching I enjoyed much more. This topic will be taken into the next challenge.

Eating and hydration was on plan for the complete challenge and Im happy I got into a routine here.

Showers happened again and I don't need the goal anymore, Ive gotten into a groove here.

Meditation was taken out of my goal list as I think its completely fine to have a break here. I mostly feel mentally well and centered and am sure Ill get back into a new morning routine soon.

Walking with the dog was fun, should happen even more though. I went much further toward Mordor than I planned tough!




Today I feel better and didnt need to revisit my doctor. Had an psychiatrist appointment at noon and am happy about the good relationship I have with her. I told her that my drinking habit has become so much less of a problem since last winter. Moderation worked really well for me even when I fuck up once in a while, and I never drink a bottle of sparkly by myself anymore. So that's a win too. Will have to have an eye on my addictive behavior though. Smoking less was also not consistent but happened more often than not. Glad about that.


I decided to work again tomorrow and Saturday. Will have 2 students tomorrow and 1 on Saturday. Thats important because I need the cash. Will sleep ridiculously early today and hope Im up to it tomorrow. I have no more fever and am sure by now that my doc is right and its not the rona! :)



Thank you guys for following along and giving support! I love it here and you helped me tremendously! ❤️


I will check out your challenge reviews and be back for real on Sunday with week zero of the next challenge. Cant wait!


Bye! :)


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be fearlessly yourself! :onthego:

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