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12 hours ago, AgentsSka said:

Ha!  Nothing is in stock anywhere these days.  It's very much a crapshoot... unless you get involved with the various stockbots to alert you when something comes in stock.... but, even then no guarantees you are going to land one. 


I've been waiting on Titan's rackable curl bar to come back in stock (as well as a myriad of other things as I've been trying to build the garage gym during this pandemic). 


I have not had a good experience with Titan.  The squat rack I bought from them is warped, and after some more researching I learned this is the rule, not the exception.  Alan Thrall made a 30-min video about how bad their gear is.  YMMV.


6 hours ago, Starpuck said:

I found a 25lb kettlebell at Target, but they wanted $60 so I passed.  Then I came back and online searched, and realized ordering online would cost $45+20+ for shipping... now I wish I bought it!!!



I think mine are by CAP but I would have to double check.  I'm pretty sure I got them on Amazon prime with free shipping.



Food was mindful all day today!

Exercise, I came home at lunch and walked 1.5 mi on the treadmill.  3mph at 3% incline, which is as sweaty as I want to get when I have to go back to work.

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54 minutes ago, Cheetah said:


I have not had a good experience with Titan.  The squat rack I bought from them is warped, and after some more researching I learned this is the rule, not the exception.  Alan Thrall made a 30-min video about how bad their gear is.  YMMV.I

I believe they took that video & other feedback to heart.  


I now own the T-3 rack and there is no issue with working at all.  

I also have their Safety Squat bar which is getting high marks around the interwebs & a flat bench if theirs.  All good stuff.    

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On 8/4/2020 at 4:20 AM, Cheetah said:

On mobile I use Chrome, and the problem is the security keeps making me to a choose-the-pictures captcha every 5 minutes and it's obnoxious so I gave up.

This happens to me on both computer and mobile chrome apps, but for some reason if I use my VPN it all goes away and I just get that "automatically checking your page" notice between loads.

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8 hours ago, WhiteGhost said:

"automatically checking your page" notice between loads.

Oh yeah, I get this all the time now.  Have been for a while.  I thought it was just a new step in the process lol.


Btw - the KB was still at Target.  I bought it!  Must now learn KB stuff.

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10 hours ago, Starpuck said:

KB stuff


Have you looked up Pavel Tsatsouline?  I think he's responsible for the KB coming to the US.  His videos are on YouTube.  Oh look, here's one now!


Watch the whole thing.  You will be glad that you did.



Food was not particularly mindful.  Meals were okay but I had a snack attack during a 3-hour training that I had to do.  The training was about our company's sexual harassment policy and investigation procedures.  It was joyful.  NOT!


Exercise was good though.  Benchpresses and a few sets of barbell curls.  


That's about it for today.

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That video is amazing.  "Because you are tight.  And we will fix that!"  LOL.   That should be my catch phrase for this challenge.   Thank you for this!!!


Who wouldn't snack during a three hour training session on that sort of thing.  Mental distraction via food?  Yes please!

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Thursday -

Food - I think was mostly mindful.  Sometimes it's hard to remember yesterday.  I think I had no breakfast, then leftover roast and potatoes and gravy for lunch, but in a reasonable ammount, and waffles and bacon for dinner but I ate that mindfully.  Then I had unmindful quantities of ice cream.  That's the part that's killing me.


Exercise - I went home at lunch and walked 30 min at 3mph and 3% incline. 

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Friday -

Food - So I did a thing.  I dl'd MFP on my phone again.  I know this rubs against the principals of mindfulness, but I have reasons.  The main one being that I'm not losing fat around my middle.  I think that I need to re-calibrate for a while before I try to go back to mindfulness without numbers.  So food Friday was mostly mindful, except I had popcorn at the end because we watched Beetlegeuse so I had popcorn and that sent me a ways over my target.


Exercise - I came home at lunch and did 3x10 deadlifts.  I'm feeling it in my upper back today, and I didn't really lift heavy which tells me that I needed it.  I'm still coveting a curl bar.



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Saturday -

Food - Not so good.  I had eggs and bacon for breakfast and only had a light lunch, but I ate past being full for dinner.

Exercise - This was good.  I went to my local forest and hiked a little more than 7 miles in about 2 hours.  The terrain is mostly mild but there are some up-and-downs.  It was a nice day and a good hike.


Sunday -

Food - Bacon and eggs again, lunch at a friends that was mostly mindful and lots of veggies, more veggies and a couple of chicken patties for dinner. 

Exercise - I took a rest day.  I probably could have done something, but I was a bit wiped out from Saturday's hike, and I was busy hanging out with friends and playing Zelda:Breath of the Wild.  It's our new favorite game at my house.

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Monday -

Food - I don't remember.  I think it was mostly good.

Exercise - Shoulder presses and curls.  Good times.


Tuesday -

Food - Had a snack attack in the afternoon, but was otherwise mindful.

Exercise - treadmill walk, 30 min at 3mph and 3% incline.


Tracking food on MFP lasted 1 day and I was tired of it again.  I need to be more honest with myself about what I eat and when I'm hungry and when I'm not.  I think mindfullness will work for me if I really get on board with it.  I still have psychological hurdles I keep having to clear.  Things like feeling pressure to eat when my family eats and what they're eating whether I'm hungry or not.  Feeling pressure to eat a lot when I sit at a table, whether I need it or not.  Feeling like I want to eat because I'm bored or tired.  Does this stuff ever change?

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Well, I'm not doing very well at posting regularly.  I'm not going to try to catch up the end of last week.  The days all run together.  I'll try to post tonight at the end of the day so I can remember what I've done.

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On 8/6/2020 at 10:56 PM, WhiteGhost said:

Because fixing things is TIGHT

LOL!  Yes.  Thank you!!  This worked so well together.


On 8/8/2020 at 5:25 AM, Cheetah said:

I know this rubs against the principals of mindfulness, but I have reasons. 

Sometimes, it's just good to figure out your baseline and see if you were way off your guess.


On 8/12/2020 at 9:09 AM, Cheetah said:

Tracking food on MFP lasted 1 day and I was tired of it again. 

LOL - Quoting post by post is dangerous.  ;)   If it rubs raw immediately, then don't do it.   If it's just a irritation thing (akin to a joint you'd still run on, etc) then maybe a few more days to get over the growl part could help.   [For me, having a well built library in my foods that lets me just pick from previous entries is a freaking life saver.]


21 hours ago, Cheetah said:

Well, I'm not doing very well at posting regularly.

Me neither.    I too like the idea of just picking up now and moving forward.  In fact, my Bujo this week was titled, "WEEK NOW".  Instead of whatever week it actually is.


Hang in there.   If ya gotta just tread water for a bit, that's totally fine.   None of us are Phelps!

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My week exploded.  I had an instructor call off for the whole week, my beautiful wife's car had to have major work done and was gone for 3 days, my kids started back at school (I have to drive 30 min each way to drop them off in the morning) and it was the last week of the block, which means orientation for new students and final exams.  Now I have a big pile of grading staring me down and I have to work late tonight and tomorrow and the other car needs brakes done which I will do Saturday. 


But, I've been doing well with mindful eating the last few days, and today I spent a couple of hours hiking in a park with woods and trails, so that was nice.  So yeah, things are alright.  Just busy.

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That sounds like the kind of week that could make a less determined soul rationalize all kinds of reasons why they shouldn't feel bad about throwing mindful eating out the window. I'm impressed that you stuck with it and even made time for yourself to relax in nature.

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13 hours ago, deftona said:

Sometimes that is what it's about. Well done on your wins of keeping the good eating in check. In my experience that's way more than half the battle won.


Thanks!  I'm going to attempt exercise again tomorrow.  I'm planning ahead and saying it out loud so I'll do it.  But, it's dependent on being able to get home for lunch, which I can't always do.

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So.  About today.


My daughter woke up complaining of headache, stomache ache, and sore throat.  She was acting perfectly fine and she has an extremely low tolerance for discomfort so I normally wouldn't think much of it, but I have to answer questions about these things in an app before I can send my kids to school, so she ended up staying home.  I decided at lunch to try to take her to get a covid test, but before that I had to cover a class for an hour and then conduct an awards ceremony, which I did and the awards were fun.  So I ran home, picked her up, drove 30 minutes to the testing place, only to find that they had broken their computer.  While we were standing in line waiting for them to get it together, my daughter decided that she had to go to the bathroom, and of course the testing site didn't have one.  So we got out of line, went around the block to a store, and then came back to get in the back of the line that we had previously been almost at the front of.  The line did not move at all for 45 minutes.  Then it was time for me to get back to work so we headed home.  I dropped her off and started back to work only to find a train stopped accros the road I usually take, so I had to backtrack and go to the nearest rail bridge which cost me more time and I only just made it back to work in time for a mandatory meeting.  The meeting went on for three hours.  There was almost nothing in it that pertained to me, my job, or my department.  I left that just in time to get a briefing from an instructor on a class that I had to cover, which I am still covering as I sit here and type.


There were a number of other weird details and odd fiddly bits to today that I can't recall just now.  But it's been an odd one.


I hope her test is negative.  Except for the part of my brain that thinks about how much time I'll get to play Zelda if I'm quarantined for 2 weeks. 

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4 hours ago, Cheetah said:

Except for the part of my brain that thinks about how much time I'll get to play Zelda if I'm quarantined for 2 weeks. 


I love your ability to look on the bright side 


(and I cannot wait to play Zelda on TH's new Switch when I so unselfishly buy it for him)

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