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I'm back, Challenge time!

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Haven't done a challenge since last year. I teared my groin playing soccer and was injured the whole quarantine. Managed to maintain fitness somewhat and now that I'm back to normal (whatever that is), back to challenges! Gyms have re-opened where I live, so I have the following objective for the next five weeks.


1. Made a great workout plan. First time in a while that I have one. 6 days a week but not hardcore. Nothing I haven't done before. Simple 45 min workouts ish. Enjoy the gym while it's still open.

2. Wake up before 7h30 during the weekdays, stat! Will keep track with post-it notes.

3. Deep stretch 5 times a week, keep the physio going to become injury proof. Do it during TV time or whatever.


Optional: program the pull-up challenge from prime into some workouts. Benchmark pull-ups before and after challenge.


That is it, nothing too crazy like my last vegetarian challenge I got sick doing. Success will be a 85% adhesion rate, and my loot will be a Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 X-Speed upon successful completion.

Lets do this, plus ultra!

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19 hours ago, Salinger said:

Good luck! Where are you from? Hope you keep recovering from the injury and go from strength to strength x

Thanks! And I Live in Atlantic Canada


8 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

Welcome back! I'm doing the chin up challenge from NF Prime too

Good luck! Doing the benchmark tomorrow.

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End of Challenge update:


It was overall a tougher challenge than expected. Long story short, I failed. Had to work from home for 2 weeks due to reno's at the office, and I slipped on the waking up part. Really highlighted the need for me to work on my sleep schedule. It really affects my day when I start on the wrong foot. 


Positive: Finished my 5 week programm, squat went from 245 to 295, Bodyweight still at 190. The team I play for in the dek hockey league I play won the league finals, and I got rookie of the year.  

Negative: tough mornings, slight hamstring tear on last day of the challenge. Can't get the new sweet loot. Still not stretching enough for the level of activity that I do. Got to figure this out.


My next challenge will be a continuation of this one. Just working the details. Fortify! Since I still had a good 5 week, I will switch my loo to pay for a year of Nerd Fitness Prime. Helps to keep my health/fitness a priority in my life. Fortify!

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