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Emma:Life is too short

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Got my walk done early. Smoke came in later. Didn’t do much of anything else.


fog, cold, gray. Back to normal summer in Sonoma weather. Smoke will probably come in later today.

Looks like they are harvesting the grapes behind my trailer. Very early. Harvest is usually mid October. Smoke taints the grapes though and makes the wine taste like it’s been barbecued. They might be trying to save at least something of the crop in case the smoke gets worse later in the season.

Deffy and Snarky, thanks for the reminder. I have been trying to be brave and mentally strong and deal bravely with the problems in life right now, but the fires and Covid are dystopian and shitty and it’s okay if I don’t want to be strong and brave, at least to myself.

Sloth, I also have been watching my home state burn up in horror. I am safe for the time being. The fire near me, walbridge, is 90 something percent contained, and we have been getting very little smoke from it for some reason. My stress now is the creek fire near Fresno. My sister is in a small town just west of the fire and is on evacuation warning and that fire is 0% contained. It is in the Sierra National Forest . California National Guard has been using helicopters to airlift stranded campers. I expect bodies of a lot of stranded hikers may not be discovered for years. This is an area where people like to hike cross country, armed with only a compass.
Why so much fire? Many years of drought have weakened the trees and made them susceptible to a widespread bark beetle infestation which kills the tree.They estimate about 100 million dead trees in the forest. California has been doing brush clearing and control burns in state and county parks, but is not allowed to do so in the National forests, which is where most of the the really big fires have been happening.
Plans for today:

Walk, early


Great British bake off

cleaning and laundry

trashy novel

oh and get my lovely Covid test (an ugly intrusion of dystopian reality)


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My sister-in-law lives in Fresno. Further from the fire but their favorite camping/get out of the city place in the world is gone. They said it’s raining ash and feels like the apocalypse hit. 

I’m sorry you’re in the middle of all this. It’s awful. 

Great British Bake Off is great fun. Trashy novels usually are, too. You’re often in my thoughts for living in the face of two awful dangers. May the Force be with you. 

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