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Keys trip was awesome! Got back late last night and am going to kill this week. I have video court to finalize the divorce this morning then going to spend the rest of the day doing domestic rangering and I would like to work on the boat some and get a dumbbell workout in!

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feeding tarpon


Finalized the divorce in 10 minutes online. Now I am home and want to get this done:

  • Laundry(bed sheets, fishy clothes, regular)
  • mortgage docs for refi
  • meal prep/cook
  • vacuum seal fish, there is a lot
  • cat box/missed pee
  • put away trip stuff
  • open grow lights and see how to mount them
  • recycle old boat oil in prep for oil changes
  • go to mom and dads and check mail
  • stop at bank and deposit a couple checks
  • mail check for keys rental
  • lift/stretch


If I can nail all that I will have a super productive day!


Keys picture dump





yellowtail snapper sandwich and yuca fries



hemingway cat



obligatory drink





mile 0



everywhere, chickens everywhere, even in restaurants



i swear i had nothing to drink before this was taken



hogfish tacos



caught some meat



king mackerel



amberjack AKA reef donkey



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14 hours ago, Xena said:

Great pictures! I'm sure aspects of the divorce were hard, but I'm glad the legal part of it is done and that you were able to do it over video.


Definitely some hard parts but they were early on. We agreed on financials and our things very quickly so that was nice.


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I got a lot done yesterday but not as much as I hoped. I went to bed and got a great nights sleep except for my work pager alerting me to low battery every hour starting at 3:30AM.


Today I got a bit to do.


  • dishes
  • clean pool
  • litter box
  • run/stretch
  • freeze fish
  • grocery
  • buy salt/chlorine for pool
  • write 3 checks
  • cancel XM
  • Duolingo 50 points XP
  • read/audible
  • water morning/evening
  • 10k steps/10 flights
  • meditate
  • NF
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I've been keeping productive, I think though I know what I am lacking and that is a nice daily routine. Next challenge for sure I want to set up a daily routine and slowly build it. One of my priorities would be posting/following on here daily. 

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