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Now I am starting to ride again, I am thinking about my training plan over winter.


I fancy investing in some rollers. I remember that BITD I found them much less boring than a turbo.


Does anyone use them? Any recommendations for a good set?

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You’ve used rollers before?

The fear of death does make it less boring than a standard trainer, but once you’ve gotten to where you can do it on autopilot, it’s just as boring.

I found the biggest benefit of rollers over a trainer was how smooth and efficient they made you.

This isn’t something I’d buy new. If you live in an area where there are racers there are lots of practically new ones for sale at the beginning and end of winter. This year, after quarantine, should be an especially good year to find one used.

The least boring option (which I haven’t tried myself) is to get a smart trainer and a Zwift account and race people online. This is an very expensive option though.

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Yes, I've used rollers before. They're not too bad to learn - you have a couple of spills, but it's only the same as starting out riding clipless. I always found them more engaging than a turbo trainer. Being able to fall off makes you pay a bit of attention, I find.


I will keep an eye out for some secondhand. Thanks for the tip!

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