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Guess Who's Back! Back Again! Snickie's back! Tell a Friend!


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I have no idea why that song of all songs is going through my head right now.



I fell off the last challenge wagon. That's okay. I ended up with a B in Solid Mechanics so we're only in tepid water right now. Flash Fiction Month is also wrapping up and I currently have zero income (furloughed at Dr's office + between semesters at the community college) so! Gotta find some other way to entertain myself until August 24 when class finally starts back up. Ideally in ways that don't involve screens. (This is going to be hard as my mother was recently forced into early retirement and she is rewatching House which is one of my strongest kryptonite.)


We're starting off with a hurricane about which I can do absolutely nothing. Fortunately it's so small and weak that they didn't even put out an advisory for even the eastern end of our county. After Monday I can probably maybe focus on actual funness.


In the meantime, here are some vaguely defined goals:


* Get up and move. No sitting on my ass all day. I might go back to using the timer that tells me how many reps of xyz exercise to do.


* Focus on rows for the chinup challenge. Secondary pushups (normal width knee pushups ideally but I'll probably end up going wide like before). Tertiary any leg exercises.


* Continue new brushing and flossing routine. I had six cavities filled plus an extra tooth drilled and expanded so I wouldn't get irritated on that section of gum anymore. I also no longer have dental insurance so gotta make sure these babies stay strong and healthy until we do carry dental again.


* Limit screen time. I don't have any hard limits in mind but if I end up with a headache like I have been (until recently a necessary evil in order to pass Solids) then it's been too long. This includes television and Animal Crossing (which I haven't touched since Test 2 anyway).


* Get school stuff squared away for fall. Specifically this looks like getting my AP scores from Collegeboard archive sent, informing my boss what time slots I can expect to be available for work, getting paperwork ready for class registration, and more.


* Actually talk to the guy I was dating (but I still don't call him my boyfriend) before coronavirus went ham on our social lives. And my best friend. And my other friends (if I still have any of those).


* Address the contempt issues when I'm not too busy to drown it out with mindless noise. (This probably won't happen.)

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So I didn't mean to disappear on you all again BUT in my excuse I have been Very Busy.


The tenants moved out of the rental house and so we have spent six of the last eight days getting it ready to put on the market. They left it kind of grimey so there's been lots of cleaning and painting and their dog tore up part of the yard so today we laid sod. Mom says we saved at least $500 by laying it ourselves. I told her to let me know what the chiropractic bills come out to be. And the cost of the pain meds and rehab from the pain meds. And of whatever meds we need to fix these mystery bug bites because we did not wear long sleeves (because Florida, and the sod wasn't delivered until about 1pm so we were laying sod during the hottest part of the day).


I've also been making sushi at home (fake sushi since I'm using lox and jasmine rice but who cares) and with friends and stuff. Saw my best friend on Thursday and we made sushi and went swimming. Saw my other two best friends from university on Sunday for her birthday and we were going to make sushi and it didn't happen because there was too much other stuff going on but it was a lot of fun.


University is being a butt. First they lost my payment and I had to jump through many many hoops to prove to them that I paid them $31 for my application. Now they want my AP scores, which are 7 years old, so I had to fax a paper to CollegeBoard and pay $25 to have my scores dug up and sent to University. Our phone line has been down for a month but miraculously fixed itself this weekend and so I was only able to send that fax yesterday. Last time I did this for community college it took about 2-3 weeks to come in but I was able to still take courses using one-semester overrides. University, on the other hand, is deferring decision until they receive my AP scores from CollegeBoard (they're on my other university transcripts). Collegeboard's website said that order processing could be delayed for as long as 8 weeks due to reduced staffing due to COVID-19.

So I'm going to have another minimal semester (maybe I'll get into Fluid Mechanics 1 which would be good because I know that course is going to be very hard) BUT it should finally be fixed after this semester so I'll be able to dive in for real starting in January.


I emailed my boss at the community college so hopefully I'll get some hours but I'll probably try to do some freelancing as well.


Chin-ups are not happening. At all. Too busy cleaning and painting to pull up my weight on a bar. Maybe I'll try tomorrow but we'll see with my back since I used Very Bad technique today while sodding the yard. 🙃 I will likely spend some time in Constructive Rest (Alexander technique) while waiting for my mom to be done with the hot water so that I can have my shower.


I don't have a plan for the rest of this week. The house is pretty much done - all that's left (that we're going to do) is sweeping the entryways and doing some staging for the pictures and showings. I do have to take my dad to an appointment for his new wheelchair Thursday morning and I have to do about two weeks' worth of meal planning. I'm doing a comment thing for Flash Fiction Month and they're trying out a Drabble Month in September as well so I guess I'll be planning for that.

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Jeez, you HAVE been busy! Yay for people moving out, but boo for having to fix up after them. Remind me again - are you going to be staying there as RA for the time you're in class? 


Suck on the extended wait times for processing your scores. Might be a useful break in order to get a nasty, hard class out of the way, but I get the frustration at delays. 


How was your somewhat freer week? Did you get any >gasp< relaxing in? :)

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