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bgvanbur does more than run

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Well... my running is doing great (on day 61 of my running streak).  Time to do a little better in other areas too (so much so I procrastinated about making a challenge).



1) Run every day 3 miles.

2) Lift once a week.

3) Bike once a week.

4) Eat primal (*).


(*) Scoring based by breaking day into meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, post-dinner.  To accommodate one of my covid coping strategies of having a drink several days a week, the post-dinner can instead be a single alcoholic drink under 150 calories.



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I love that you broke your whole challenge down into minnie mouse pics. That was awesome!



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The running streak continues (73 days today, beating previous streak of 65 from 2017).  I also resumed my project to run all the roads in my town (after a 17 month hiatus).  First week I did my bike and lifts.  Second week I did not.  There has been very few primal meals and too much drinking all challenge.



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Obviously haven't updated, but streak is still strong at 101 days.  And I finished running all the roads in my town project (I have 28 runs labelled for the project, I suspect it took around 45 runs since I didn't label them at the beginning of the project).  All other goals failed...  Guess I should try again...

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