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Better Late Than Never

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Great appointment with my nutritionist today. I surprised myself and the nutritionist by losing 7 pounds! I honestly was concerned I had gained weight. Left me feeling super pumped and ready for anything.


Gonna tweak a couple pages in my BuJo and reprint them next week. I doubt I'll have time over the weekend. Gonna start writing down the goals I want to put on my next challenge soon, too.


✔️No soda today

✔️No energy drink (I didn't have time to make coffee, but I had water with some Mio with caffeine.)

✔️Physical therapy exercises done twice already.

✔️Sink is clean

✔️BuJo is printed and operational (minus tweaking needed)

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Had a soda on Wednesday along with fast food. In my defense it was a grab and go moment. My boyfriend came home from work and we were about to go out to dinner when work called with an emergency generator that needed to be filled. So I tagged along and we were gonna stop and get food on the way home. Buuuuuut things don't always go as planned and we ended up having to sit and wait for 2 hours while they delivered another generator because the first one wasn't working. And then we had to wait for another hour while they ran the second one through the start up procedure to make sure it was working before he pumped a crap ton of fuel into it. Not knowing at the beginning how long we would be waiting and knowing that we were both already hungry, we just went down to the McDonald's on the corner and grabbed a quick bite. Then we got milkshakes on the way home because it was 10pm at that point and we were both cranky and deserved it for putting up with so much stupidity.


Haven't had coffee all week, but I also haven't had energy drinks with the exception of Sunday. We had to leave the house earlier than we intended to run some errands and just grabbed breakfast-y fast food on the way. We ordered coffee, but it ended up tasting so bad we couldn't drink it. So we grabbed energy drinks at the checkout at the first stop. I have had small amounts of caffeine in the form of Mio in my water in the mornings.


Overslept yesterday, woke up 2 hours after my physical therapy appointment. Slept through an alarm, 3 text messages, and 2 phone calls. Blah...😖 I found a little zapping alarm thing that I bought years ago and thought I had lost for good. I might have to charge it up and see if it will work.


Been slacking on the dishes. If you want to lose all desire to be productive, lose all track of time, and forget to go to bed on time because you have to finish just "one more thing," I highly recommend the game Satisfactory on Steam. My boyfriend and I are both having to set alarms/reminders so that we take breaks from it.


The BuJo is printed out and functional, but there are some things about it that I don't like. It's not quite as user friendly as I wanted it to be. I already mentioned that I'm gonna tweak a few of the pages, but I might end up giving the whole thing a make-over. I'll keep using it for now, though.


I did get a call back about the job. I had to fix one thing in my application and then she said she would call me back with a job offer. I probably won't hear anything until Tuesday, but it sounds extremely promising. 🤞

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