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Stickman's Ludus

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I'm creating this topic as a placeholder for my training logs and the such.  Accountability is a big motivator for me, so I will keep you all up to speed on my gladiator training.


Currently what I am focusing on is getting out and walking.  Every day. For at least 5 minutes.  This will increase as my endurance does.  I would like to implement weight training as well, but need to also focus on taking baby steps.  I notoriously try to make a million changes at once and then proceed to fail at all of them.


As far as my diet goes, I am going to focus on increasing protein intake and decreasing carbohydrate intake.  I will do this by limiting the breads, refined sugars, and starches that I eat.


So, for my first log:

Day 1:

Drank coffee instead of my energy drink

Logged all of my food for the day.  Had fish tacos for dinner in celebration of my brother's birthday, so definitely consumed more carbs than I would have liked, but I said no to the jumbo margarita and had an iced tea instead. :)


Day 2:

Drank coffee instead of my energy drink

Logged all of my food for the day.  Kept my carb count low.  Had a few whiskeys after dinner.

Still haven't gone for that walk...


Even if no one reads this, just putting it out on the internet seems to make a difference in my mindset.  Apparently it is easier to lie to my friends and family about these things than to perfect strangers on a forum.  Thank you guys for being the awesome group that you are. 


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