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On the road to happiness - My first challenge

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About me:

Ex-army (left due to injury) and currently in University and am in early 20's
My injury has made me very unfit and makes it difficult to become fit again.

I have two years left in University. In this time I want to become fit and happy with myself again before graduating.

I love games such as Final Fantasy XIV online and the Kingdom hearts series


My build:

I have quite alot of muscle mass but my sudden inactivity caused by my injury has lead me to gain some weight on top of this. I managed to maintain my muscular strength in spite of my injury particularly in my upper body and arms.

It is my lower body and cardiovascular ability that has declined. This was as I went from being able to run 30 miles with heavy kit on to nothing because of my injury. For reference, when I weighed 98kg I wasn't fat and had a very minimal amount of belly fat. During my long period of inactivity I gained over 22 kilograms. I have managed to lose some  of this through eating well. Currently I weigh 115kg.


My main quests:

- Graduate University

Get back to the level of fitness I was at in the Army

- Be happy with myself again (haven't been in 3 years)


My first challenge goals:

1 - Try and weigh under 100kg (currently 115kg)

To do this I want to: 

 -    Push myself hard to get to the gym and not spend free time only on games

 -     Eat very well like I did on my previous diet 3 years ago

 -     Drink a lot

 -     Stop getting sad about the amount I can do compared to how I used to be. I will try and do a little better each workout or at least the same.


2- Allocate a balance between work, recreation and fitness

Background - I am a full time University student and have a part time job. My degree requires to me do additional unpaid work for experience as well, so it's like balancing two jobs and University.

To do this I want to:

-       Try allocating specific hours for this

-       Record how I think each week has gone and make changes accordingly 


3- To start with try and focus on doing well in the first term of 2nd year

University starts up again in September.

To achieve this goal I want to:

-       Allow enough time to complete work with as little stress as possible.

-       Focus on gaining as much experience as I healthily can to make getting the job at the end easier

-       Balance my degree with fitness, recreation, relationships and jobs etc.


I saw that the next challenge starts September 5th. Because of this I will give myself an extra week and set this as a six week challenge :)


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Hi there, 😃

My right knee was badly fractured in multiple places. Alongside this various ligaments were damaged severely and needed replacing through surgery. And my kneecap

dislocated very far around my knee it was the most painful thing in my life.


I’ve already had the surgery to fix my ligaments however it seems to have almost undone itself and I am now waiting for another scan to confirm this and will likely need another operation 

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@cd667 Thanks😃 


At the moment I’m doing 1 hour cardio sessions in various different ways. I use the treadmill, cross trainer and rowing machines all at different intensities.


Once I‘ve completed my cardio I will follow up with 30-45 minutes of strength straight after and I find myself focusing on my chest a lot 

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Wow--it seems like you had quite a traumatic impact of some sort to have those injuries. Were they caused as a result of hard impact from a high-altitude drop (i.e. airdrop, rappel tower)? I gotta give you the virtual salute--you're a real trooper to attempt working out with that injury portfolio. Hope you're able to heal up. 

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Battle Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PL3kYqNLWMKwRQdlEpIhs4DJ7tLJFLl7?usp=sharing


"You shall gain, but you shall pay with sweat, blood, and vomit, Comrade.- Pavel Tsatsouline

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@Mr.CaffeineHead  Someone was boosting me up a 12ft wall, he basically just snapped my leg at a disgusting angle as I was being boosted up. This caused the dislocation midair and then it slammed straight into the ground when my kneecap was around the side of my leg and that was that.... Ground wasn't soft either it was rock hard dried mud and rocks sticking out everywhere


Now I'm working in an awful retail job whilst in university and just feel burnt out. I can't explain how much I hate it. Before I had a sense of belonging and importance. 

Whilst I'm in retail part time I feel worthless and miserable every second I'm there. Just thinking I have another 2 years of it left is horrific. 


There are some nice people where I work, but some of the managers are unfathomably awful human beings. I seem to be the only one who will question them when they talk to me like dirt even though I am more qualified than them.


I'm trying hard to just stick it out. Some days I have Uni the morning after work and I'm in work until 3am often as nothing is ever done on time and us on the evening shift get stuck with it. It's often I get 1 hour sleep in two full days when this crap happens. On top of it all ever since my surgery everything physically exhausts me 5x as much as before. There is no point fighting work over it either and my previous retail job was alot worse and it's unlikely I will find anything better right now.

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4 hours ago, Mpl64 said:

Now I'm working in an awful retail job whilst in university and just feel burnt out. I can't explain how much I hate it. Before I had a sense of belonging and importance. 

Whilst I'm in retail part time I feel worthless and miserable every second I'm there. Just thinking I have another 2 years of it left is horrific.

Hey, I've been there, bruv. Stick it out. We're rooting for you, and as you know it's not forever.

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What's the best time to plant a tree?

20 years ago.

What's the second best time to plant a tree?


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