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Yasha does STEPtember


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Hello friends! Long time no challenge! And why yes, I am starting a challenge in the final week of an existing challenge. What can I say? I'm a rebel. A Ranger rebel.





The whole global pandemic thing threw me a bit and I took some time off from setting goals as I figured out how exactly to muddle through life. Now I feel I’ve got a pretty good handle on things: I’m working well from home (byeeeee commute!), Mr has been going great at TAFE (like technical college) and is half way through a two week stint in paid employ- which I guess means I can legitimately say I’m seeing the blacksmith’s apprentice (very fantasy romance novel lol), I’m just one subject away from graduating my Masters (have come first in my class for both classes since the lockdown began and on track to graduate with distinction), my great-grandboss described me to my grandboss as a “rising star”, I am finally getting enough sleep (probably the actual reason behind all the butt kicking). All good, as they say, in the hood.


So! I have signed up for “STEPtember”, a fundraising event where I take 10,000 steps per day for 28days of September to raise funds for Cerebral Palsy research & support (CP is the #1 disability affecting Aussie kids). And I figured where better to track something with step goals that sound like they're about Cerebro, than NerdFitness?!




I‘ve decided to have just two goals for this challenge (which I am starting early in this thread because the month dates and the challenge dates don’t align… and then I will beg those with the power to migrate it to the new challenge thread once it goes live – thanks @Tanktimus the Encourager !):


Goal #1 – 10,000 steps/day between 1st-28th September.

Goal #2 – post about it.


The whole point is raising awareness (and cashola) for Cerebral Palsy Research, so for the month of September (more or less) I will be doing the steps, then posting every day on my book-of-the-Face, and here. Those who are also my friends there… expect to see a lot of double-up (feel free to ‘snooze’ me for a month… once you’ve donated :p).




Because the donation page has my one true name and I don’t want to give (stranger than you, strangers to me) internet weirdos my details, if you’d like to donate- ping me a PM and I’ll send you the link but really this thread is for the accountability, not the fundraising ^_^  

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Following along. When the forums go live, any GL can move your thread for you.

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18 hours ago, Salinger said:

Yashaaaaaaa :) good luck my friend xx


Thank you Saaaaaal! Good to see you!


16 hours ago, fearless 2.0 said:





16 hours ago, Dusk said:

Oooh thats a very cool goal!! And starting a challenge the last week of challenge - how rebellious xD


That's how I roll...


13 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Following along. When the forums go live, any GL can move your thread for you.


Huzzah! Good to know! 




And by that I mean... The GL's have the power!


10 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

Hi, welcome back, missed you!


Thanks EG! Missed you too! You'll be excited to see my garden project I suspect. (Hint: I'm taking over my street, one derelict garden at a time, muhahaha!!!). 


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1. Steps for the 1st Sep = 13,000

2. Heck yeah I posted about it! I posted here, I posted on Facey, I emailed a bunch of colleagues, basically just shouted from the rooftops!




P.S. Look at this cutie!!! If he can step it out in STEPtember, I can.


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4 minutes ago, Yasha92 said:

(Hint: I'm taking over my street, one derelict garden at a time, muhahaha!!!). 

Oh that is so cool!

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1. Steps for September 2nd = 15,143

2. Posted about it on bookface, also posting about it right here, right now 😛 

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My sister had cerebral palsey, it's a fantastic cause, good on you.


Nice to see you back Yasha.

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Stepping every day= good

Updating my challenge every day = womp womp. I have been updating on facebook, but neglecting this thread! I’ll do better.

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