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Big Show aims for Boring but Big

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Friday weight: 116.9kg

Thursday steps: 6178 (1694 over target for the week) - did my "commute" with a podcast that got me nicely up to my target - need to start roaming a bit further though now I think.

Thursday calories: 2555 (14 over target for the week)


Saturday weight: 116.9kg

Friday steps: 5252 (1946 over target for the week) - we walked to the pub and back for a couple of pints after work.  Nice chilled time spent in a cosy pub with lots of dogs - exactly what we wanted after a week's work.

Friday calories: 3092 (539 over target for the week) - we ate really well today, and I resisted opportunities to shovel down lots of other food just because it was there.  A successful first day of the weekend!


This morning I got myself up and headed to the gym for the 5/3/1 bench press workout - the worksets were:

52.5kg x5

60kg x3

65kg x1+ (I did 3) - this is only a freaking bench press PB!  I haven't benched regularly in years, but I'm certain that when I did the highest I got up to before wimping out was 60kg, so to hit 65kg for 3 definitely by far a PB that I will very much take :) :) :)


Followed up with 5x10 DB bench press @ 2x20kg - came close this time - 10, 10, 10, 7, 7, 7, (51 total)


Then the 5x10 bent-over row @ 22.5kg = 10, 10, 10, 8, 7, 6 (51 total).


That felt awesome!  Tomorrow morning I'll be heading to the gym again for the 5/3/1 squat workout, then next week I'll be starting a new cycle but only going 5 times a week with a bit more walking instead - need to shift another few pounds before we get into the holiday season, such as it'll be this year...

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Last workout of this cycle and this challenge thread!


Sunday weight: 116.9kg

Saturday steps: 10,286 (7232 over target for the week) - we headed into town yesterday afternoon and had a good walk round the shops getting some stuff for the house.  Definitely helped my weekly step average.

Saturday calories: 3556 (1528 over target for the week) - we stopped off a for couple of pints afterwards, then for dinner I made the "Three bean cowboy stew" fromt the Two Chubby Cubs diet recipe book.  It turned out ok, and went down lovely with a couple of bits of garlic bread.  Time to dial back in that weekly calorie total, but yesterday was a nice little treat.


This morning I made it back to the gym for the 5/3/1 squat workout, the last one of my 4th cycle through Boring but Big since I respawned.  The worksets were:

67.5kg x5

75kg x3

85kg x1+ - I did 3.  As much as I've always been nervous about squatting, this still seemed pretty fine and I haven't had my regular anxiety about it kick in yet.


There was a guy sat on the hack squat machine (mainly watching videos on Instagram I think) so I moved straight on to the 5x10 calf raises @ 50kg.  They all went ok, and by the time I had finished them he finally buggered off to wokrout somewhere else.  So I got my 5x10 hack squats @ 55kg done all fine, which means next cycle I get to put all my weights up again.


That completes my challenge!  I'll post my new challenge when the new forums go up, but it's going to be pretty similar to this one.  Just with a better approach to the calories and a lot more flexibility!

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