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Chesire: Moonlighting; a Rebel in Ranger's boots


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Hello Rangers!  I've decided to moonlight here this challenge, since I actually have real, actual, honest-to-goodness fitness goals this time that send me to your lovely guild. 


Quick recap for those new to my story.  I'm a massage therapist and massage doesn't play well with ... all this this-ness.  Technically I could work, based on what my state has to say about it when the remember massage exists, but that seems like a unnecessary risk for all players.  So this brings me to my current role as an accidental maintainer of household functions.  Thankfully MrC's job makes it possible for me to stay home and keep this ship running. 


My last few challenges have been focused on learning how to be a housekeeper/steward effectively, and paying myself to do it based on specific tasks has worked well for household stuff and most of my personal tasks, ie fitness plan and eating vegetables.  But a weakness has come to light.  Stretching and mobility work.  I just don't do it.  Combine that with I realized I didn't like the way had my payment schedule set up, it was aggravating and time consuming.  So, I will track few things and make the payout more worthwhile per each.  I will also maintain traps and pitfalls that cause debits to the earnings as well.....  grumble washing dishes and cleaning kitchen every night grumble... 


On to the things that bring me to the Rangers.

  • I'm a body-weight/calisthenics person.  I like becoming stronger and more able just by how I use what I got.   days 2,4, and 6 are playing on my gym. focus on pull-up improvement and hand balance work.
  • I'm a casual runner, but decided this challenge will be focused on improving my 5K time.  Usually I run 3 days/week.  I'm thinking that day 1 will be intervals based on time not distance, day 3 will be easier pace for cardio stamina improvement based on time not distance, and day 5 will be run a 5K as if racing.  I'm open to input if there are runners out there willing to help a nerd out.
  • do the dang stretching and mobility work.  If I can't move well and freely, the above won't progress.  Specifically I'm working on overhead mobility for a shoulder issue that is mostly healed and back to normal, and hip mobility/ leg flexibility so running doesn't injure me.  Stretching/ massage ball/ foam rolling in my future
  • I'm partaking of the chin-up challenge and do the daily dares, so that's still in the plan.
  • on top of those things, I also walk about 3 miles per day because the sidekick doggly needs it.  I wish she would run with me but there are too many scents out there.  I do use our walking time as a chance to really learn my little corner of the world and see how it changes day to day.


Other general things are making and following a meal plan or I don't get enough protein and spend too much money.  Trying to get enough protein without overdoing meat intake is key.  mmmmm   beans are the best.    Oh, right and maintain a calorie goal cuz stupid, small female build* ... not jealous of the guys or anything, I swear.


*though, now that I break all that activity out, I think I need to eat a bit more!  woohoo!


So the set-up for this challenge is;

Earning will only be made for 1. making meal plan and using it 2. stretching and mobility work daily 3. any sort of household upkeep (cleaning, projects, etc)

Traps continue as they have been 1. uncleaned kitchen nightly 2. unplanned alcohol consumption 3. meal plan/prepped items wasted/unused

Strength days are focused on general BW workout and pull-up specific work with shoulder specific mobility work

Run days will also have devoted time to full body stretch and rolling


Fun stuff that will also happen include a long weekend of relaxing at the lake with much eating and drinking to start off the official challenge.  Set up my sewing space and work on my garment sewing skills.  Hopefully design a crochet pattern.  Learn some more knitting skills.  Duolingo, French.  Finding interesting bean and lentil recipes.


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Did some of my zero week progress check-in yesterday, including a timed run, and will finish those up tomorrow.  Figured some stretching and foam rolling should be part of that too.  It really highlighted that I definitely need to be on the ball with this stuff.  Felt good though, even if it reminded me that when I'm pretty jacked up foam rolling and massage makes me feel nauseous.  Is that weird?  I know it will settle down quickly, so I'm not concerned.

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On 9/6/2020 at 5:04 PM, Chesire said:

On to the things that bring me to the Rangers.

  • I'm a body-weight/calisthenics person.

*cough* sounds like you'd make a good Assassin *cough*



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What a crap-tastic and also good weekend.  about a week and half ago, my friend lost her baby at 7 months.  Funeral is tomorrow.  We had a wonderful weekend at camp planned and MrC's best friend was going to come join us on Friday!  Hadn't seen him in several years due to health issues he'd finally conquered.  Got word he died Thursday noontime.  Still went to camp because disconnecting is the best thing sometimes, had other friends come and celebrate life, and get very, very drunk, and eat too much junk food.  Laughing and crying and trying not to snort wine can be quite healing.

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OK, moving forward.  Gladly back to healthy eating today after a weekend of not saying no to any foods and drinks.  Cheetos for breakfast appetizer, while cooking vast quantities of bacon.  Mmmmmm.  I allowed myself a day of not working out if I just couldn't.  Turns out I could.  I expect to be back in full form tomorrow, picking up the running plan where it should be with a simple half-hour run. 


Personal stuff will be laundry I just didn't want to do and some crafty stuff.  I started a fun crochet project and have to decide on a pattern for a fun print dress, so I might play with either of those. 

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For quite a few years I suffered a regular round of depression at this time of year, and I always figured it had to do with the shortening of the days; kind of a SAD thing in anticipation of shorter day, even though I don't generally have much of an issue in the winter.  But last year I noticed something in the outdoor world that led to an ah-ha moment.  The silence.  All the summer twittery birds aren't twittering and all I can here is grasshoppers chirping.  It just lends such a heaviness to life.  I made a point of keeping that in mind this year, so when the silence struck I was prepared.  My mood is fine!  I am beyond thrilled to have noted a trigger and simply acknowledging it helped. 


All that means I've been able to follow through on my plans without a battle for motivation.  I had a type of level-up too!  I don't feel completely wiped after running.  My day can simply continue without a recovery period, like, come home, grab a glass of water, and go right back out with the pups for a walk. 


Now to transition the houseplants indoors and hope there aren't too many creepies in them.  My mom made me her plant-sitter a few years ago when they were snow-birding and, of course, that just means I inherited lots of plants that just stay with me now.  The pressure to not murder a plant she has from her grandmother is real.

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Hmm, interesting thought on the silence. I struggle with SAD, I haven't really thought about the silence thing. Our air was super horrible all last week due to smoke. When I went out it felt oppressively,  I thought most of it was due to, well, all the smoke. But, yesterday when the air was better, and I went for a walk, all the birds are chirping, and I realized I hadn't heard them for a while. I think their silence added to the gloom.


Hope all goes well with the plants!

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Running is going really well.  I started using only barefoot/minimalist/ whichever version shoes a while ago.   Well, I tried in my super squishy sneaker because my feet were a bit achy after a managed to kick a root with just the ball of my foot.  It felt like I had no spring with the cushioning sucking up all the energy.  I get it, but it was so weird to experience.  I'm glad my feet and especially arches have strengthened a bit and don't need to use squishy control/support sneakers much anymore. 


After I had my revelation when I was typing up my challenge that I've not been eating enough I been eating more.  Not tracking too much, especially since I've been pretty good with real, mostly un-processed food lately.  Gee whiz, don't I feel better. 🤪  I had a week of practically no beans/lentils in there too.  Let's just say that I prefer when I eat them pretty regularly. 


And I've been sticking to my stretching and mobility plan, mostly.  so lovely.  I've had to talk to myself like I do my clients.  "You can do it while watching tv instead of just sitting." 


5 hours ago, Mr_Willes said:

I don't think i have replied to one of your threads but i absolutely love the Cheshire Cat!

Welcome!  Chesh is about as helpful at answering questions as I am sometimes. 

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I had the slowest walk ever yesterday.  About 1.5 hours, maybe more, fore 1.5 miles, but that's the hazard of super cute 3 year olds as you walking buddies.   I always enjoy sharing time outside with munchkins learning about the world.  We were amazed my sunlight glittering on water, a hole in the ground that I knew was a chipmunk burrow, 5 ducks- we counted, a 'big' bridge.  By far one of the better walks I've had in a while.  And it gave their mom a chance for a touch of grown-up conversation. 


And today's run was really good!  I hit the time I was hoping for a 5k by the end of the challenge.  So now the challenge is to see if it was a fluke or if I can do it again. 


And should anyone think that dog walks are simple, let me share my little miss with an attitude about my choice of direction. attitude.thumb.JPG.e29ccbfe1741b7859ee299cbaff078d9.JPG

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4 hours ago, Chesire said:

And should anyone think that dog walks are simple, let me share my little miss with an attitude about my choice of direction.


Awww LOL, she's so cute. 

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So I've been trusting a TDEE calculator for a few weeks; I'm eating closer to what the calculator suggests based on activity level, as long as I am hungry, without  being distressed about the number.  Oh my god, it is amazing.  I feel so much better!  Yes, the scale went up 2 pounds.  2 pounds, 1 kilo-ish.  As a women in the face of popular media it's tough to just let it happen, but if I'm getting stronger.....   How much does that not really matter if I can get to my final strength workout on day 6 and feel able?!  And my clothes fit.  Of course I'm going to follow this through a few weeks and re-access. (My end all, be all, final test is clothes fitting because I'm cheap and don't want to spend money on new.)

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I'm always stylishly late to the party, but I love the whole earnings/traps perspective on your goals and routine. That's a new one I haven't heard before, and I like! 😁

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