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aramis keeps on keeping on

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10x10 swings (with 24 kg instead of 32kg because heavier one still hurt my back)


10x1 Get Up with 32kg!

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Something isn't right. I eat well within my macros, yet I feel like ran over by a steamroller. Mom advised me to check blood sugar and ketones. 

Glucose: 74 mg/dL - shiny!

Ketones: 0.2 mmol/L - umm... WHAT?!?!? Where is my ketosis? 



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Okay, Challenge ended yesterday, but I prefer Monday-to-Sunday schedule, so for me, the last day is today.


No real summary, as there were no goals. Stuff happened, problems were dealt with (more or less), I'm true to my training. Could be worse.


The fact I just realized about my long term goal of doing 40ks S&S routine on my birthday in May:

I gave myself 16 weeks to fully transition from 24 kg kettlebell to 32 kg. Starting Sept. 4th, I should be done with 24->32kg transition on Christmas. 


If not my tweaked back, I would be doing full routine with 32 kg already... after six weeks :o 

Being so much ahead of my plans, I consider changing the long term goal another 8kg higher to full 48kg (goal for "Sinister" part of the routine). But not sure if I want to go above 50% of my body weight. Will see. 



I'm doing fine(ish) with everything life throws at me (problems come and go, but I still carry on), I'm well ahead of my plans in long term fitness goal. I think I'm good to take whatever comes.


See you next Challenge! :loyal:

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