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Raptron Doesn't Look Back at Explosions

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1 hour ago, KB Girl said:

Would you recommend the book? 
Recovery recovery etc and a very sleepy Raptron sound compatible at least :) 

He has a good sense of humor and it's a very quick read, so no real reason not to. Supposedly, he's known for exaggerating some of his own feats (which I just do not understand why anyone would do in this age of internet where it's very easy to prove/disprove race times and meet records...), but has trained some solid athletes. I learned a few things that I didn't know before, but the key take-aways were mostly common sense: don't do too much -- so cut out the chaff of activities and movements that don't actually help you toward your goals at that time, prioritize recovery a lot, shift your macro split to be more carb-y when you start training more endurance/aerobic work, don't train movements that are similar but inferior to your endurance movements with regards to specificity, and don't neglect heavy lifts. 

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6 hours ago, raptron said:

Mine is the simplest/upside-down one -- but it was totally appropriate. 🙃


Simple, but still made me smile, and I'd bet I'm not the only one. 


I miss New England cemeteries... they're so peaceful and pretty in the fall. 

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