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GoodDoug Rangers all the Guilds (Again)

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14 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

It's just you, This challenge won't end for some of us.

I think it is that I haven't yet gotten into the swing of this challenge. I'm just starting to hit my stride and now it is time for the next one...

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The half-ogre looked up from the maps and books spread in front of him. He couldn't remember what it was he was looking for now. He just had so many plates spinning at once, it was hard to finish one

The weekend was fine. Mitigated by the fact that the Air Quality Index was at the level of "Fine, as long as you don't actually breathe"   Did some work in the wood shop working on cleaning

Quick update: Yesterday was pretty good. Did the GMB Mobius session. I am keeping it short, as I feel like doing Mobius is my rest day if I keep it at the short duration. Got in my meditation and

Quick check in:

Got my Mobius done yesterday and did my bodyweight circuit today. I'm getting much better at jumping rope in case that ever comes up in a survival challenge. I'm trying to eat more and eat healthier. I feel like I almost have it... I just need more time to plan and execute meals...


Speaking of time, work is a bit up and down. I am DRI for a small project. I am not good at this stuff, coordinating others and keeping track of schedules... really, I rely on someone to yell at me to let me know I'm behind. But when I'm the one that is supposed to be doing the yelling, things end up falling through the cracks. I am getting better at it, but it is a bit stressful and is taking up more spoons than I can spare. So, I haven't been getting to some of the "twice a week" things like Drawing and Journaling have fallen off. I'd like to find time to do those things, but I don't want anything else to fall off of my plate with this.


But this is great feedback for me on what I need to work on. I think next challenge I'll ignore food as a challenge goal except for a vague "Don't Eat Too Much Crap" and "Eat Enough Protein" kinda thing. That might help a little.


So, with what is left of the day, once I stop making myself crazy about work stuff, I want to do at least a little drawing. Maybe I can consider this update to be a mini journal entry... that might make me feel better 😜 

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On 10/14/2020 at 9:12 PM, GoodDoug said:

Holy Carp! 🎏

I just realized this is the last week of the challenge. That means I need to start thinking about what I've done and what I want to do next challenge.


Is it just me or was this challenge really short and quick?



I'm with you. Maybe because I started training for a race in the middle of it...it changed my focus and has made the whole thing feel really quick.


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Challenge recap:


Adventurers: (trying new things)

  • What I set out to do
    • Trying to keep an art journal that I draw in twice a week at least
    • Duolingo every damned day
  • What I did
    • Drew at least twice a week most weeks, could have done better
    • I killed it at Duolingo


  • What I set out to do
    • Track my food - Mostly just track at least once a week
    • Make intelligent food/drink choices - this is a bit hand wavy, I'll look into something more concrete... maybe I can do a different strategy each week and see if anything really sticks
  • What I did
    • Tracked once this challenge, and it helped me to adjust
    • Making intelligent choices was a roller coaster. Sometimes I did great and others I stank
    • I tried Intermittent Fasting the first three quarters of the challenge. I liked it to a point, but I think it allowed me to get too obsessive and justify both not eating enough and eating crap


  • What I set out to do
    • Keep up with handstand work - do a handstand workout of any length at least twice a week
    • GMB Elements - finish out the next few weeks as I've been doing
    • GMB Mobius - start a new round once Elements is over
  • What I did
    • Did a little handstand work, but not as much as I would have liked
    • Finished GMB Elements strong
    • Started on Mobius and I am in the middle of it now, enjoying it


  • What I set out to do
    • Meditation at least 3 times a week
    • Journaling for at least one minute a day (I'm using prompts this time around, so I'll see if that make it any easier)
  • What I did
    • Meditated pretty much every day
    • Journaled a whole bunch in the beginning and then did it sporadically by the end


  • I don't have a good monk style thing to work on other than trying to have some "Boss fight" level challenges for this 


  • What I set out to do
    • Running when the air quality lets me
    • Walking when it doesn't
    • If it is too yucky to walk, add cardio to my bodyweight work
  • What I did
    • Ran only twice the whole challenge
    • Walked a bit, but not enough
    • To be honest, I screwed this portion of the challenge


  • What I set out to do
    • Bodyweight! Mostly doing NF Prime stuff
    • Pullups using rings at least twice a week
  • What I did
    • Did bodyweight workouts quite a bit
    • Except for a couple of days of rest, I used my new pull up bar at least a few times a day, and I saw improvements!

Overall, this was a fine challenge. I tried to do too much (Ranger™) but I think that was part of the challenge, to find where my limit was and to ease off when I found it. Now the hard part id figuring out what to do for the next challenge... I want to focus on making better food choices, keeping up with the exercising, and finding a way to do the journaling and drawing I want to do but can't seem to make time for.


Thnx for following along

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