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Hope to learn and contribute! (b4/after story and pics)

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Hello everyone! I'll make an attempt at brevity but... well you know how it goes with introduction threads sometimes. 😅


I stumbled upon this site in search of like minded individuals to both learn from and help out. I've been on my fitness journey for some time already, but have few like-minded individuals to do it with. Which is why I largely stopped using the public gym and started building out a home gym. Difficult to find people to talk D&D and Warhammer with in the typical gym environment... Timing couldn't have been better given recent worldwide pandemics.


So my journey into fitness actually started due to health reasons. When I was 20 years old I had to get my gal bladder removed, which is a fairly mundane and normal procedure, but not on people that young. In the post-op the surgeon gave it to me straight, said "don't plan for retirement, you wont reach it at this rate." Pretty sure he's not supposed to speak like that... but I'm glad he did. As it shoved me in a very positive direction. Here's what I would of looked like around that time:




Was hovering around 300lbs at that time and could barely accomplish most basic movements. But I persisted, and while there's been plenty of ups and downs along the way, 15 years later I'm still just as driven to keep pushing and improving.




I look forward to participating in the community here! I want to learn from all the people who've had success and contribute to the success of others where I can. And hopefully talk about tabletop from time to time! 😉

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Good for you N0rdicNinja 🔥 And I love the home gym initiative. Welcome to NF! 


C.J. is awesome, yes :D Quite a good idea to have him staring down at you in the gym. I guess C.J.'s are like that. One with last name Ortiz also knows how to make you forget your excuses :D

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