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Hi all. I don’t have much of a theme sorted out for this challenge, all I know is I need to be here. Things reliably go better for me when I have some sort of accountability, not to mention the great ideas picked up from other rangers. I dig the simplicity of @fearless’s “What do I want” approach so in that spirit, here’s my wish list:

  1. Get lithe
  2. Get strong / feel like an athlete again
  3. Stay on top of things at work: student papers to publish, many many fires to put out, all while portraying calm competence and inspiring confidence in those around me
  4. Mindset: wake up feeling calm, happy, and grounded; go to bed feeling proud of the day


To get there, I have a long list, that perhaps needs to be whittled down to a shorter list. But for now,

  • track food daily
  • 250 cal deficit
  • eschew alcohol
  • Sunday morning waist measurements and progress photos
  • hit move goal daily
  • NF bodyweight workouts 3x/week (currently on level 2)
  • run at least 2x/week
  • As weather and traffic allows, go for longish bike rides! My favourite!
  • Try the NF handstand course
  • quad and hip stretches from 12 minute Athlete - quads are definitely my least bendy and supple part
  • identify the most important work task each day, do at least one pomodoro towards it
  • make music each day: practice piano, personal practice for choir, or just pick a song that’s a bop and crank it


EEESH that is a lot of bullet points. But many of them are linked and reinforce one another, like mobility work helps me to run without injury, which in turn makes it easier to hit the move goal and torch some calories. I think if I can get some virtuous circles going, the positive energy will carry me through September and into the fall in style. Here’s hoping!



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Monday checkin / Sunday report, short for time but short > nothing,

Giving myself props for workouts! A run, then a bodyweight workout (normally I would not do these both on the same day but got off track last week), and then yin yoga to stretch everything back out. Feeling that great full body burn this morning.

Had a bunch of work to do despite it being weekend, bleah. Got one of the two big looming tasks done (the one that needed to be done by this morning — other can wait til tonight). It wouldn’t be September if I didn’t have so much going on that work has to come home!

Started off rainy and muggy then ended up beautiful and sunny. I did take some time on the patio with the hubs and the dogs to chill out, then homemade pizzas for dinner, and an episode of Dark. That show is rocking my world! When I try to describe it to people it’s like “Similar to Stranger Things, but no humour, and some awkward dubbing”. I don’t think I’m selling it well, but I’m fully digging it.


Today’s most important work thing is writing my report! Have a meeting to chair all morning then I’m settling in to focus. Left it way too long but I will be super stoked when it’s done. Built in plans for activity, thanks to walking to campus, and for extra bonus points, another BW workout. Then something to treat myself for getting said report done ... bath then more Dark? Call the kids? Grill up the rest of the peaches on the BBQ? Whatever it is, it’ll be great.

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630 am and boy, the days are getting shorter! Cuddled up under a fluffy blanket, sipping a latte, with T-dog at my side and her big brother D-dog at my feet. Life’s good 😊


Comparing my ACTUAL yesterday to my PLANNED yesterday kind of seems like a Pinterest fail, but weirdly I feel good about the day anyway. It was a gorgeous sunny and cool fall day, which I love way more than the alternative clammy/sticky weather we often see in September in the Canadian Midwest. I love hot weather in the summer but have NO TIME for that nonsense in fall when there are boots and kilts and sweaters and blazers to be worn. Walked the dogs, and walked to campus to run my (virtual) meetings from there. My head is much more in the game when I’m in my proper office, not trying to work on my couch or bed or dining room table at home. Ran the meetings like a boss! Then my favourite work friend popped by for a masked visit and much gossip, then some more fires to put out *not real fires*, then about an hour’s work on the report I said was my #1 highest priority for the day. By then it was quitting time. Hubs had worked at home due to possible exposure*, so he and dogs came to meet me and walk home together, chatting about our days. Dinner, some more work including the report , but it didn’t get done last night. By 9 pm I was wiped out, so we watched some more Dark then hit the sack. No workout beyond walking around a lot, no stretches, no hand standing, and nothing fabulous to celebrate because that dang report is still not done, but it felt like a pretty solid day regardless.


Scale is moving nicely in the right direction, woohoo! I had tried an intermittent-fasting challenge on the NF app, and mostly didn’t stick with it ‘cause I start getting fainty if I don’t have a latte by like 6 am, but it did manage to break up my bad habit of mindless snacking after dinner and late into the night. 


*and turns out hubby’s contact tested negative for Covid, whew!

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Today, that report DOES get done. Also on the docket, 

  • virtual meeting with thesis student
  • bodyweight workout
  • piano, me vs Bach
  • setup tech for choir practice
  • honestly contemplating a long bike ride if the report gets done in time! Otherwise, run.
  • taking a minute to enjoy classic fall weather
  • bath!!!
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Wooooooooo report is done! Well, drafted and sent off to colleagues for feedback. Also ‘met’ with student, several other calls that came up, and got my choir technology set up (but man I miss singing in person). And started the day with an awesome run - I’m kind of a newbie so have to go 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking, but today the air was nice and cool and the sky was blue and everything felt great.


I am *shattered* right now, kind of want to grab my ugg boots and hoodie so I can relocate out to the patio and chill out there but I seem to be too tired to even get those things?! Quick, someone give me a kick in the pants to cozy up and get out there! Haha!

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On 9/15/2020 at 11:19 PM, fearless 2.0 said:

yay for the finished report!!!! awesome that you ran!!!!! congrats on negative test!!!! :)

Aww thanks!! 🥰

Tuesday I blew all my willpower on finishing the report. DID go out and chill on the patio but drank most of a sour beer to celebrate... setting me up for grogginess on Wednesday! #LightWeight  But Wed went well anyway, did my best to speak truth to power at faculty council and had some good appreciate feedback afterwards from the rank and file. Thursday, another run — also great! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY. — and bodyweight workout 2A, then spent the day dealing with fast breaking work/Covid situation... I was very glad to have gotten the workouts in early in the day. Friday was gorgeous, walked to campus and easily met my step goal but no other workout of note. Then Indian takeout with the hubs, fire in the fireplace, checked out the pilot of Better Call Saul (late adopter here), and bed by 10!


Weight is heading down nicely and I feel like I’m gathering momentum. But the only day I fully tracked was Monday, will get back on that starting...NOW!

Happy weekend to my Ranger Nerds!



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Whew, busy day so far. Jeep tires acting up so rented a car to drive to KidUniversityTown to pick up said kid (MY BABY) for the weekend, yay! They look happy and I’m def happy to have them home for a bit. Also got to check out the farmer’s market in KidUniversityTown and I am ALL SET now with a fridge full of chicken cabbage rolls, plus so many tomatoes, eggplants, fresh dill and honey crisp apples.


Gorgeous blue sky classic early fall day and my only regret is to have spent much of it driving!  Hopefully similar weather tomorrow and I can bust some myosin on my bike! And heading out to yang yin yoga in a bit.

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14 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

Enjoy the time with your kid!

Thank you 🤗 it is great to have them back in the nest, even for a few days!


Scanning through my challenge plans, and assessing this first week:

  • track food: only one day tracked fully. Work on this this week. 1/7
  • 250 cal deficit: as above, can’t measure this without tracking. 1/7
  • eschew alcohol: close, drank most of a beer on Tuesday tho. 6/7
  • Sunday morning waist measurements and progress photos: 2/4 (measurements yes, photos no)
  • hit move goal daily: killin’ it here! 7/7
  • NF bodyweight workouts 3x/week (currently on level 2): 2/3
  • run at least 2x/week: above and beyond, 3 runs this week and loving it! 2/2
  • As weather and traffic allows, go for longish bike rides: 1/1
  • Try the NF handstand course: haven’t tried yet! 0/1
  • quad and hip stretches from 12 minute Athlete: no (altho’ did lots of yoga) 0/7
  • identify the most important work task each day, devote at least one pomodoro: 4/6 
  • make music each day: 1/7

This week I’ll focus on tracking, stretching and music practice, as well as upping the frequency of strength workouts a little. Overall feeling good and waking up almost every day with just the right amount of muscle burn (and sleeping like a champ, which is my super power). And scale victory = some fat loss! (insert caveats here about measurement error >>> effect size)

Happy Sunday 😃










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Oh man, Sunday was glorious. Got out on my bike for a few hours, had lunch outside in the sunshine, had a nap, went to yoga, homemade pizzas for dinner, watched some Olive and Mabel on YouTube, then off to bed and fresh flannel sheets. 


Here’s what moved me closer to goals:

  • tracked food
  • no booze
  • awesome bike ride
  • annihilated move goal
  • BW workout
  • 12 MA quad stretching (standing quad stretch, lizard, side lying stretch) and yin yoga

Here’s what did not;

  • Even with a super active day still managed to blow my cal deficit 😳 thanks to late night chocolate chips!
  • haven’t practiced piano for a week now... back on that horse today

Handstanding and running and work pomodoro didn’t happen either but that’s OK, not a run day nor a working day and had lots of other fun activity in there.


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23 hours ago, fearless 2.0 said:

sounds like you are smashing it! :)

Thanks fearless!! I feel like I’m gaining positive momentum, for sure.

Monday was pretty solid and I feel closer to where I want to be on most fronts. Weight had started bumping back up again over the weekend but down again today, whew.

  • Food tracked
  • STRONG deficit
  • alcohol eschewed
  • hit move goal 
  • ran, to celebrate launch of the app’s new 5K challenge
  • successfully ran first training session at work
  • Piano practiced, from boogie woogie to Bach
  • Made epic tomato dill soup with the tomatoes from Saturday’s market run, and prepped turkey meatballs and HB eggs for protein snacks

Looking at the list I realize I didn’t do stretching... so will make time for that today after I walk to work (gotta warm up a little first). I also didn’t do any scholarly work toward submitting student papers so will set up a pomodoro for that one. Right now it is just me, the dogs, and the cat snuggled up on the couch. Kiddo realized they had to be back at school today so hubs very kindly got up early to drive them so I would not have to drive in the dark. He’s a good egg!



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Yeesh, going through my bullet points yesterday was a bit of a tragic day challenge wise. Got derailed tracking food, had a couple of spritzers after work [wild thing], 100% sure I didn’t hit caloric deficit, had a slice of homemade banana bread and went to bed just shy of my move goal, didn’t practice piano or learn my choir parts.


I did, however, crush a BW workout in the morning, track food for part of the day (and in so doing, learned that my typical sandwich lunch is a monster calorie bomb, so that’s useful info), and fight the good fight at work. And scale is down again today, even though I probably don’t deserve it to be!


Today’s list:


call research officer about grant

finish prepping for board meeting [NB board’ really wants to autocorrect to ‘bard’, which would be a lot more fun if even more chaotic]

run the meeting

meet with new student and her thesis committee

at least one pomodoro on student paper, if only to keep up momentum

track food & just say no to booze

date night with hubba hubba! In the covid landscape this translates to takeout tacos, which I am soooo fine with.

seriously considering a bubble bath to tie up the week with a fabulous bow.



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A lot can change in a week! Had some big blows at work, a key team member has had to take medical leave and while I’m glad he’ll get the recovery time he needs it leaves a looooot more unanticipated work for me. Eeesh. Was so frazzled by that last night that I gratefully accepted the glass of wine proffered by hubs When I got home, went to bed by 10, and didn’t work on my research seminar happening today. 


OK. Even for things out of my control at work, I can control how I react. Back on the horse. Calm competence at work, and challenge wise don’t eat and drink like a jerk, and keep training. Have logged two runs this week and two Level 3 workouts (Defeated the widow maker last weekend!) and wake up each day with just the pleasing amount of muscle soreness. Weight is tracking downward, which is cool; think I could get sub 150 by the end of this challenge. Still need to get on the progress photos though! 


GAH! Past TG really screwed present TG by not finishing the prep for today’s research talk last night. Story of my life!

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Friday update: Talk went super well. Sometimes the adrenaline associated with same-day prepping will work against you, and some days it just elevates everything and makes it awesome. AND both my kids (they are college age) showed up in the virtual audience! 😊 Other things that went well: Kept up a calm and positive mental attitude all day despite starting the day feeling chewed up and spit out. Didn’t drink, just distracted myself before dinner by snuggling on the couch with dogs, and went for a short walk after. BRRRRR getting cold out there!


Areas for improvement: didn’t workout or even meet step goal. Didn’t track food, but it was higher in crackers and bread and lower in protein than I do best on. Scale is up a little today, no surprise. House is a MESS, and no prospects for immediate improvement of that because we’re heading up to the lake this morning to close up the cottage, bringing back my mom and youngest kiddo on the way home. But the flip side is great, lake trip! Getting to see family!!


Will take my running gear along and get to run on some different streets and trails :)


Happy weekend, y’all. Boy, we’ve earned it. 

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Saturday update: Dogs and I piled into the Jeep and hubs drove the other vehicle up to pick up youngest kid, then we all converged on cottage town. Beautiful fall colours on the way and the drive was smooth, just chillin listening to NPR with the occasional switch to banging tunes. So I got to hug my mom AND my baby yesterday, and will have opportunities to do so today as well! (Well, once they wake up. I’m not about to get all creepy and hug them in their sleep.) A little walk around the town to take in the cold air and awesome foliage, and stretch my legs and shoulders from the 5 hour drive, but not a lot of movement otherwise. So yesterday probably didn’t move me towards any challenge goals (lither, stronger, more on top of work) except the happy-mindset one. I’ll take it though!


Just sipping coffee now and looking at the world. 

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Good day at the cottage yesterday. A pair of tundra swans flew right overhead and we saw what was either an adult female, young of the year, or already-moulted male scarlet tanager. Unclogged a culvert under the cottage road to great effect, too. And dogs were THRILLED to be there, Tdog leapt off high rocks into the lake, and both raced around in zoomy circles. Afterwards we returned to town and I did bodyweight workout 3C, thus completing week 1 of level 3. Now feeling those jump squats in my glutes, and the dogs are moving as if they’re feeling yesterday’s running around too, so it may be a quiet day here!


Technically a workday, but nothing on the hard scape, just checking email and phone periodically and intervening if absolutely required. Should be a run day too. And OK, Sober October starts TODAY. 

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Yesterday was great! I did go for a run. 6 km  *longest I’ve done in at least a year!* It was 2” run, 1” walk intervals, and even the running intervals were not that fast, but still. And I got to run along a road with a tree tunnel [this is the road, but I didn’t think to take the picture until the tunnel had opened up a little]



Besides the run, had some fieldwork to take care of with hubs, then we hiked around the site just because fall weather is glorious and no flying bugs to bite us. So upwards of 20,000 steps yesterday, wow!


Finally started Sober October, a few days late and a dollar short but hey, it’s 2020. Kindness and patience, man. It’s weird, by the standards of normal people I don’t even drink much when I am drinking but do I ever feel it. So last night we tucked into a roast chicken dinner then instead of immediately collapsing onto the couch we wandered around the sleepy little village, smelling the woodsmoke. I think challenge wise, the only things that got me closer to where I want to be are the run and the move goal, plus sobering Octobering, but still feeling good this morning.

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Thanks Elastigirl! 😍 Yes this is probably my very favourite time of the year to be outside, so it’s easy to get motivated to get those miles in! We’ve been having a gorgeous classic fall, too.


On a roll with workouts, just alternating run days and NF level 3 workout days. So every morning I wake up with some level of DOMS, lol, but not to an unpleasant degree. At least I can chalk it up to workout badassery, not just aches and pains of getting older!


Full house here as we approach Canadian Thanksgiving. And that is something to be thankful for! Brought my mom down for a week’s visit, plus both kids home from uni for ~1.5 weeks. The house is a mess, lol, our awesome cleaning person is off for a few weeks, and our bedroom closet ceiling started caving in so all our clothes are temporarily moved to wheely hanging units in the hallways. But it’s great to have the house filled with many of my favourite people.


We left the cat in charge of the house for a few days over the weekend, and it seemed to go fine, but it’s punishing us every morning from 2-5 am (walking on our faces as we try to sleep, demanding snuggles, licking my hair). After two nights of this nonsense, I could really use a nap or at least an early bedtime!




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