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Emma endures


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I'm glad you are safe and sorry you had to be so unsure so long. You post here all you need to, it's your thread.

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I think I’m feeling better now. :) 

Things are not great in Santa Rosa, won’t know till morning what happened during the night, but I’m not so worried anymore about having to evacuate on short notice. I might actually get some sleep tonight.


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43,000 acres this morning. Progress.

That picture made me giggle. I totally needed that giggle.

113 structures burned in Santa Rosa. This is much better than Tubbs fire was.

Air unbreathable yesterday and today.


walk, yes. Set timer and marched around the house for twenty minutes.

PT, no. I will forgive myself this time, but my back is sore. I need to do it today.

Eating plan has been off. Stress.

Wednesday and Thursday are days off. Only plan at the moment is take the car for gas and car wash. Ash sitting on the car is bad for the paint.

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fire at 48k acres. They have been keeping it from moving further into Santa Rosa, but it may be growing on the eastern side, into Napa, lake county. Not sure, having trouble finding accurate info. 
Been sleeping most of the day. Still haven’t done my PT. Think I’ll take another nap now.

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On 9/15/2020 at 1:27 PM, Teros said:
On 9/14/2020 at 3:50 PM, Emma said:

And how do I do it without a lot of rules and regulations which I will rebel against?


I've also had this issue.  If I'm told I need to do anything, I get extremely pissed off- even if it's myself doing the telling.  Not glamorous of a genius thing, but I make super super small goals that I know I'll do anyways to override my rebelling or I use reverse psychology on myself.  Sometimes I catch it but other times I don't.



I’ve been thinking of you with all the fires. I’m glad you’re safe.  I hope you stay safe b

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High winds and high temps expected today. Calistoga might be in trouble. That’s the town in between all those red dots. (Entire town was evacuated yesterday)

Latest is 56k acres burned.

i did get up and walk and do PT yesterday. Planning to leave Netflix dark and actually get some stuff done today. 


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New fire starting near yountville, south of st Helena. Asking for a helicopter and strike team.

Response on scanner: we’ll get you on the list. We're so tapped right now.
They’ve got no resources left. Some are working 96 hour shifts, catching naps as they can.

Talk about shutting down hwy 29, the only “major” road in the area, because of fire on both sides. It’s not all that major, two lanes and winding.  Other roads are smaller and windier, some only one lane. This is why they try get entire towns evacuated, really hard to get out in a hurry on those roads.
There’s a new phrase floating around, Fire fatigue. Yep.
I need to get off here and back to my to do list.



Okay, they got the helicopter and strike team. Fire went from 5 acres to 10 acres in the time I started writing this post.

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Fire went to 60k acres during the night. New evacuations in Napa county. They held the line in Santa Rosa. Smoke is bad here today. Calistoga and St Helena have got fire coming at them from east and west. They did close Highway 29, and they are trying to keep he fire from spreading to Middletown. Let’s not forget the Walbridge fire which is 100% contained, but still burning on the other side of the freeway.

Got some of my to do list done yesterday. Will get a couple of more things done today. 
I’m feeling down. Why am I feeling so down? Well, let’s see. I am a healthcare worker during a pandemic which a large number of my countrymen don’t believe in, a middle of the road Democrat surrounded by insanity from both sides, and a resident of Sonoma county who has had mandatory evacuations two of the last three years and has been breathing smoke for weeks, packed and ready for the next evac. Gosh, I can’t imagine why I would be feeling down. Hah, I would be crazy if I wasn’t feeling down. Glad I have this place to vent. Thanks, guys.
Red flag warning still in effect. Taking my go bag with me to work.

My giggles are getting more and more hysterical.





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PT yes. Yay me!

walk, yes. Yay me!
The time sensitive stuff on the to do list got done. Yay me!

Wind did not come up as expected. They think the smoke kept it down. (Insert hysterical giggle here)

Still red flag, still expecting high winds over the next couple of days.

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God I can’t even imagine how stressful the fire situation must be. Sending positive vibes your way. ❤️

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Walk and PT yes. These days walk consists of setting timer and marching around the house. Creepy guy and unpredictable air quality. I am a lot more consistent with my walks this way.

Lots of activity out of the airport. They hit the fire hard from the air.


Fire 17% contained.

Hurt my knee somehow, bad.

There will be no walk today.
Emma found new Netflix show, Emily in Paris. Delightful. Emma wants a croissant now.
Three day “weekend” coming up. Taking Tuesday off. 

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Fire is 65k acres and 30% contained. Excellent progress. People in Santa Rosa and Calistoga are going home, evacuations in Middletown.


PT yes, walked a little. Rested my knee as much as possible, gentle exercise in the evening. Feels much better today. Only one exam late last night, but it was fun. Patient and his roommate were bored, lonely and capable of holding a conversation. Smiling was done. Pretty pathetic that that was the high point of my day.

August complex fire: seven counties, Mendocino NATIONAL Forest (i.e. don’t blame the state of California) just hit one million acres. A new record! Yay!?

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Fire is 66,840 acres and 41% contained. Yay!


PT yes.

Walk, no. Knee still sore.
High point of night was when 84 year old woman said she couldn’t have an X-ray because she was pregnant. My life is pathetic.

Three days off. I need the break. Going to check into nice hotel and treat myself well.

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fire truck porn for @ShadowLion :)

More evacuation orders lifted. I think fire is 58% contained, not sure. PGE turning power back on in evac areas, a very good sign.


Spent time at the bookstore next door. Managed to restrain myself. Wanted to treat myself well food wise, but oh dear god, the portion sizes are horrible. And I do eat what is put in front of me. I am thanksgiving day stuffed and I hate feeling like this.

Bought Felicia Day's book, Embrace Your Weird. It is very helpful. I am already making insights that have not occurred to me before about how I relate to other people. Recommend.


I also went to a Build-a-Bear store and made a bunny. I had a teddy bear when I was a kid but someone threw it on the roof. I suspect my sister, my brother was too little at the time to be able to throw some thing that far. Anyway, poor Teddy was on the roof for years. By the time my dad could be bothered to take out the ladder and get poor Teddy, he was unsaveable. I really missed my Teddy. I’ve been wanting to replace him but the memories were so sad, so I got a bunny at the Build a Bear today. I almost cried when I put her heart in, and again when I named her and read the promise. I took a nap with her and am holding her now and getting weepy again. Who knew that something so small and ridiculous could be so powerful emotionally? Named her after Rabbit in Steampowered Giraffe.



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