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And Respawn!! Hyperion suggests....

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Hi guys, 


I have been mia from the forums for awhile now. I had a lot of issues in my life, I am working through them now. 

I think that when I joined the community, I felt like an outsider and had no clue where to fit in and join (which is crazy, everyone here is amazing). I think a lot of it was mental. 


SO - I am respawning!! 


I am ready to get back on track and working on myself now. 


Things that went wrong ( I know I can't blame it all on other stuff): 

  • Doctor tried to push meds on me as I started working on myself (topimax and phentermine)
    So, I started taking them. They messed me up pretty bad. I had constant headaches, so they took me off topimax, but really wanted me to continue on phentermine. So I did, after non sleeping for a few months I gave it up. But, when I was not sleeping, I made terrible exercise and food decisions, it is like I just did the opposite of what the meds were supposed to do. I started to binge again. 

    That is one of the things I am changing now, I am going to start working through CBT for binge and getting myself back together. 
  • Covid and work stress, amped up with meds and depression
  • I  was feeling really down and like I wasn't worth it anymore
  • Depression spiral and yoyo of do it all, do nothing


I am ready to focus on me and work through my issues. I am starting to get the help I need and find healthy ways to treat my stress and eating issues. 



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