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Arm DAY + rest days days

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  1. I'm 5'6" and I weigh 175Lbs (down from 202lbs 1 year ago and 198LBS in January).
  2. I think I'm at about 22% body fat (my weight watchers scale says 26 but they usually overwestimate) and my goal is to get to about 160LBS at below 15% body fat.
  3. On Arm/chest days -- I do chin-ups+pull-ups at 8AM,5PM, and 10PM and Push-ups + planks in-between when I get breaks from work.
  4. Is there much benefit to waiting 32 hours of rest time or a 2 day break meaning about 50 hours of rest time between my Arm days.

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1 day of rest is a good goal to shoot for. There wouldn't be a real benefit for waiting 2 days.  That said, if you feel like doing it every 2 days fits better with what you want to do, for schedule or motivation, and doing every 2 days is more sustainable for you, than  there is no loss in doing that either.

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