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Running (late) Again


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Hello fellow adventurers! As always, I'm running a little late. (I blame the game Satisfactory on Steam this time, lol.) I had my goals all planned out a week before the last challenge ended, just haven't gotten around to posting.


Diet Goals:

  • MAIN GOAL - lose (at least) 10 lbs. My last check in with my nutritionist had me at 182, so anything under 172 is the goal. To attain this I will:
  • Drink at least 40 oz. of water per day. I'm gonna aim for more and raise the amount in later challenges, but for now, 40 oz. isn't completely overwhelming. I have a sippy cup (don't judge me, lol, it makes drinking more fun) and it only holds 8 oz. This simultaneously makes each cup less daunting and means I have to get up and move around more often to refill it.
  • Eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables everyday. I'm gonna aim for closer to 8 or 9, but again, 5 seems less daunting at this point. Thankfully this one shouldn't be too difficult; I love fruit and there are a few vegetables that I enjoy as well. I just have to not be lazy when it comes to prepping.


Fitness goals:

  • MAIN GOAL - show improvement on flexibility and strength. I filled out the flexibility tracker provided on Nerd Fitness and made up my own strength tracker. Since my strength measurements were done as base measurements with no weight, improvement won't be hard to do. I mainly just want to try to get in a habit of working out. Also, I'm tracking my progress at the beginning of each month, so the progress will be based on the measurements I took at the beginning of September and the ones I'll be taking at the beginning of October. To make progress I will do:
  • Strength training 3x per week. I'm really enjoying this so far. I'm doing https://stronglifts.com/5x5/ Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So far I'm up to 35 lbs. plus the bar, which the one we have at home weighs next to nothing. Reading over the page again I realized I've been doing things wrong, though. I've been sorta lazy and kept the weight the same for all the workouts. With everything except the overhead lifts, 35 lbs. is easy. Starting tomorrow I'm gonna try the next weight up for everything except those. It'll mean more fiddling around with stuff, but you know what? It'll be an excuse to move around more and add a little to my workout.
  • Stretching everyday. I'm doing physical therapy for Achilles tendonitis everyday. I've incorporated a full body stretching routine into the physical therapy as well as combining the physical therapy and strength training with the stretching at the end.


  • Bonus Goal - It sounds like I could be cleared to run again soon, under the supervision of my physical therapist. (Since I injured myself when I started running a few months ago, he wants to make sure that I'm running properly and I'm not going to re-injure myself.) I've already been cleared to ride my bike and walk for short distances, so I'm gonna start going to the park that's a mile from where I live. As an added bonus there's an absolute nest of Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite and PokemonGo stuff there. Weather permitting, and as long as my body says it's okay, I plan to go there a few times a week. I'll set a more concrete goal once I get the go ahead.


Lifestyle goals:

  • MAIN GOAL - be more organized. I recently jumped on the bullet journal wagon. Still trying to get it up and running. It's usable at this point, but there are a lot of things that need a little tweaking. I'm using the one I've got for now while I work on another one. In the mean time I will:
  • Write in my BuJo everyday, focusing on tracking sleep, food and water intake, and doctor and physical therapy appointments.
  • Work on designing the new and improved BuJo. I'll set myself small deadlines of when certain parts need to be done. (Of course then I'll procrastinate and end up doing it right before my self set deadline, but that's an issue for another challenge, lol.)


Flexibility as of 9/1

V Sit & Reach: 9"

Toe Touch: 14.5"

Forward Split (left): 38"

Forward Split (right): 42"

Center Split: 65"

Trunk Rotation (left): 12"

Trunk Rotation (right): 4"

Trunk Extension: 7.5"

Back Scratch (left): -1"

Back Scratch (right): 0"

Shoulder Rotation: 37"

Straight Leg Raise (left): 33"

Straight Leg Raise (right): 32"

Butterfly Stretch: 6"


Strength as of 9/1

Plank: toes and elbows/10 seconds

Pushups: wall/25

Pullups: bent over dumbell row w/water jug/ 25 reps

Squats: bodyweight/10 reps

Bench Press: bar only/25 reps

Barbell Row: bar only/25 reps

Overhead Press: bar only/25 reps

Deadlift: bar only/25 reps


*I stopped at 25 reps as it seemed silly to keep going beyond that point.

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Review of the last week (after which I'll attempt to post daily/every other day):


40 oz. water per day: mostly decent, only hit the full 40 oz. once, had a few days I didn't drink any water at all, though 😞

5 servings fruits and vegetables: meh, halfway decent. Getting better at doing the prepping stuff, so that's a plus.


Strength training 3x a week: I've done great on this one! I actually find myself looking forward to it. 😄

Stretching everyday: I haven't done quite as well on this. I've been doing it after the strength training, but I've been slacking a bit on the physical therapy on non strength training days.


Write in BuJo everyday: Umm... I kinda left it in my car for 4 days... soooooo... haven't done well at all with this one... oops...

Work on designing the new and improved BuJo: yeah, not so much yet. I'm reeeeeeaally bad about procrastinating. (Or really good AT it, depending on your perspective.)

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BuJo's and lifting... that's what my challenge has already devolved into.


Stronglifts was where I started 7 years ago.

Level 3, Rebel

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Weight Loss Quest: Start 270 lbs., Goal 199 lbs., Current 270 lbs., Waist: ,45.0 in., Bodyfat%: 33%


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40 oz. water: ✔️ Technically I haven't had the last cup yet, but I just filled it up and I'm working on it, so it counts.

5 servings fruits and veggies: ✔️ Just finished my "dessert" of strawberries and grapes.


Strength training: ✔️Went up to 45 lbs. on everything but the overhead lifts. Tried one extra of them with the 45 lbs. and I can just barely do one. I'll keep it at 35 lbs. for the next week and push myself to do 45 lbs. starting next week, even if I can't do the full 5x5 set.

Stretching: ✔️ I probably could have done more, but I was tired and hungry.

Bonus: ✔️ Rode my bike through the park today. Nothing strenuous, just a leisurely paced ride.


Write in BuJo: ✔️

Work on new BuJo: ✖️ Going to start on this tomorrow after my physical therapy appointment.


Overall a really good day despite the fact that I slept in until noon... I gotta work on that... next challenge 😄

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40 oz. water: ✖️ not yet, but I'm working on it. I have a timer set to go off every 30 minutes reminding me to drink. 3 cups to go. 4 hours 'til bedtime. I got this.

5 servings fruits and veggies: ✖️ I haven't had any yet. 😩 Gonna go cut some up once I post this.


Strength training: rest day

Stretching: ✔️ Did a little at physical therapy; gonna do a little extra stretching before bed.


Write in BuJo: ✔️ not proud of what I wrote in it for today, but I wrote in it nonetheless.

Work on new BuJo: ✖️ I know I said I was gonna do that after my physical therapy appointment, but video games happened. 😅 Gonna work on it while I snack on my fruits and veggies.


Edit: Met my goals before bedtime!



I got cleared to run! My therapist said I could start today, but my heel is still a little sore from therapy, so I'll wait until tomorrow. He said as soon as I can walk for 30 minutes without issues I can start adding in small intervals. I have to run on a flat surface, so it's just the neighborhood right now, but soon it will be nature trails. I was also advised to wait two days between runs. Short term plan is a 30 minute walk tomorrow and tentatively Saturday I do my first round of intervals. Gotta write out a plan and make sure it fits in with my strength training. A 30 minute (mostly walking) run should be okay on the same day as strength training, right? As long as I listen to my body and don't overdo it.

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On 9/20/2020 at 10:25 PM, Little_Fox42 said:

With everything except the overhead lifts

DEAR GOD, I know.  I utterly loathe overhead press with a passion.


20 hours ago, Little_Fox42 said:

My therapist said I could start today, but my heel is still a little sore from therapy, so I'll wait until tomorrow.


What originally happened?  YAY for back to it though.

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On 9/23/2020 at 3:15 PM, Teros said:

DEAR GOD, I know.  I utterly loathe overhead press with a passion.

I'd rather do them than planks or burpees, but yeah, they suck.


On 9/23/2020 at 3:15 PM, Teros said:

What originally happened?  YAY for back to it though.

I decided to start running about 4 or 5 months ago after never having run in my life. Did some research before starting and one of the things I read was that the important thing was to just get out there and start running. So I went and started running. Unfortunately I had cheap shoes and weak ankles from being a habitual toe-walker (for years I've had a habit of walking around the house barefoot on the balls of my feet, heels not touching the floor). Started getting pain in my left heel during and after running. Did more research, got good shoes, kept trying, kept hurting. Finally got insurance and went to the doctor and got a referral to a physical therapist. He said my calves were in the top 3 of the worst calves he's ever felt. But I've been working hard and made a lot of progress in the last couple months. When I started going to him I couldn't get my foot past a neutral 90 degree angle, even with him putting pressure against the bottom of my foot. Now I can go past neutral without having to have pressure applied. Yay! My ankle still gets sore after a workout, but it doesn't last the way it did before physical therapy.



Last couple days have been a mess. Got a migraine Tuesday night right before bed and it lasted until early Thursday morning. Now it's faded to a tension headache that I can't seem to shake. Actually called the doctor's office to let them know I wasn't going to make my nutritionist appointment this morning. Haven't really been able to focus on any of the things on my list since Tuesday. Probably won't until tomorrow or later today if I feel better. For now, I'm gonna move around and stretch as much as my body will let me, take a hot shower, and try to convince my boyfriend to give me a shoulder rub when he gets home from work. Might try to eat something a little more solid than chicken broth and crackers. Hurray migraine nausea.

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Took it easy over the weekend. Back on track today, though. Had an endocrinology appointment this morning and confirmed that I do, in fact, have an auto-immune disorder called Hashimoto's. Thankfully it's not as scary as it sounds; just gotta take a pill every morning to keep my thyroid levels normalized. Could be worse. Thankfully it's not the kind of auto-immune disorder that causes immunodeficiency.


Lost another couple of pounds! 😁 Down to 180! Still got a ways to go, but I'm one step closer to my goal. I don't think I'm gonna make my 172 goal for this challenge, but I'm still gonna get as close as I can.


Did not hydrate as much as I should have over the weekend, nor did I eat enough fruits and veggies. I didn't write in my BuJo either. I did, however, design the new BuJo layouts for my weeklies, dailies, migraine tracker, mileage tracker for running, savings tracker, and flexibility tracker. My new journal should be delivered in a few hours, so I'll print everything off and start using the new one today. Gonna put the decorative finishing touches on the pages while I sit here and snack on some yummy watermelon and strawberries. Got a few other pages I'm gonna draw up real quick as well.


Other than that, a quick workout followed by a nap, some laundry, and some file organization and I call the day a huge success.

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On 9/25/2020 at 12:11 PM, Little_Fox42 said:

He said my calves were in the top 3 of the worst calves he's ever felt.


In what way - like the muscles were weak or what? I don't understand what he meant.


I know when I was gearing up for a Spartan race, my doctor said that the muscles and tendons in my feet aren't very taught/tight.  He called my feet, "a loose bag of bones". Never gonna forget that.  Still beat 2 Spartan races 😛


On 9/28/2020 at 2:31 PM, Little_Fox42 said:



I'm assuming if it's an issue with thyroid, then taking meds to get that working right would have the added benefit of better metabolism/weightloss, right?


How you doing?

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I'm very bad at posting. I've also been pretty bad at staying on track the last couple of weeks. I did get my bullet journal all printed out and I've been using it pretty much daily; forgot to record a meal here and there. Got to use the migraine tracker I made and it works pretty well. The one migraine I've recorded fit in with my barometric-pressure-trigger-hypothesis. Unfortunately the prescription meds didn't make a difference. Not giving up on them just yet; but I'm gonna continue doing research and trying different things. Hopefully I'll eventually find something that will straight up prevent them from happening. Or at least lessen the frequency, duration, and intensity.


I haven't worked out in a week and a half and haven't gone for a run yet. Giving myself a stern look for that. I've been chomping at the bit to run again and after getting told I could, I'm procrastinating. I think having the bullet journal page for tracking how often/ far I run is going to help. I would be embarrassed to show someone my journal right now because of the lack of doing things. (Except for the Duolingo lesson tracking page I made. I've been knocking out levels on that like nobody's business! 😁)


I've been slacking with hydration and eating well. Multiple days I've just recorded "too much food," or "too much bad food." Not enough fruits and veggies, eating too much bad stuff, not moving enough... I wouldn't be surprised if I gained some of the weight back. The battery is dead in my scale and it's being stubborn and won't come out. I'll get around to fixing it eventually. It's honestly not anywhere near the top of my list at the moment. I know I didn't hit my weight goal for the challenge, but that's okay. The weight will come off, I just need to keep at it. I know the habits I need to change and the areas I need to improve. I also know change doesn't happen overnight and progress is more like the bunny hop than a straight line. One step back, two steps forward.


I re-wrote my workout schedule based on my therapist's recommendation that I not do anything else on running days for now. I cut the strength workouts down to twice a week and have two days of running. Three days are "rest days" on which I plan to do 30 minutes of walking or biking in addition to my physical therapy. I also have been doing some research and came up with some longer term goals to work towards as far as how much weight I can lift.


I had been donating blood plasma twice a week before the hypothyrodism diagnosis. I let them know that I started a new medication and they deferred me for 6 weeks until my body got used to the new meds. Planning on starting that up again today as long as they clear me. It'll make it easier (and unavoidable) to track my weight as they weigh you every time you donate.


And in other news the hiring process for my new job is... well... it's moving. Slowly, but moving. The company doing the background check finally fixed their technical difficulties and verified my work history and the person who did the physical for the new hire processing told me I had to obtain and provide all the medical records for a motor vehicle accident I had two years ago. Records that I didn't keep because I didn't think I needed them. Had to do research and find out where I got treated (which was in another state). Finally got a copy of the records today after a week and a half of trying so hopefully I'll hear back that I'm good to go soon. If not I have to make more phone calls... yay... 🙁 With any luck I'll begin training the beginning/middle of next month.


On 10/10/2020 at 1:48 PM, Teros said:

In what way - like the muscles were weak or what? I don't understand what he meant.


The muscles were extremely tight. The whole calf, on both sides, was pretty much solid and very tender all over when he did the deep tissue massage. I've improved a lot in the last couple of months. I still have a couple areas that are tight and tender, but for the most part the deep tissue massage has become more relaxing and less me jumping off the table every 5 seconds. They've had me working on strength and balancing exercises with a good amount of stretching mixed in.


On 10/10/2020 at 1:48 PM, Teros said:

I'm assuming if it's an issue with thyroid, then taking meds to get that working right would have the added benefit of better metabolism/weightloss, right?


It should. I'm hoping it's gonna help with a lot of things I've had going on from having hypothyroidism. Fatigue levels, cold tolerance, depression, metabolism issues... I've noticed I already have a bit more energy than before, at least on the days I don't have a migraine. Not sure how much of that is the meds and how much is the fact that, for the most part, I've been more active. I lost weight pretty rapidly the first two weeks of taking the meds. Fingers crossed it'll lower the difficulty level of weight loss a bit.




I did remember to record my progress with strength and flexibility on the 2nd. Just... didn't get around to posting until now.


Flexibility as of 10/2

V Sit & Reach: 6"          Went backwards on this one by 3"

Toe Touch: 12"          Went backwards by 2.5"

Forward Split (left): 52" *realized I measure wrong last month, it should have been 30"          Made a whopping 22" of progress on this one!

Forward Split (right): 48" *same thing, should have been 34"          14" of progress here! Woohoo!

Center Split: 58"          Backwards here by 7"

Trunk Rotation (left): 10"          Backwards by 2"

Trunk Rotation (right): 4"          No change

Trunk Extension: 12"          Up 4.5"

Back Scratch (left): -1"          No change

Back Scratch (right): 1"          1" progress

Shoulder Rotation: 34"          Up 3"

Straight Leg Raise (left): 34"          Gained 1"

Straight Leg Raise (right): 33"          1" of progress

Butterfly Stretch: 5"          1" here as well


Overall not too bad. Could have done better and I will next time. I have a page in my bullet journal to track my progress on this each month.


Strength as of 10/2

Plank: toes and elbows/25 seconds          Increased 15 seconds

Pushups: elevated (weight bench)/15          Increased difficulty from wall pushups

Pullups: inverted bodyweight rows (I used the weight rack with the bar set 25" from the floor. I also had my knees bent so my feet were flat on the floor.)/ 5 reps     Increased difficulty

Squats: 45lbs/10 reps          Increased weight

Bench Press: 45 lbs/10 reps          Increased weight

Barbell Row: 45 lbs/15 reps          Increased weight

Overhead Press: 45 lbs/5 reps          Increased weight

Deadlift: 45 lbs/10 reps          Increased weight


I knew I would make progress on this one; it's kind of hard not to when you start at zero. I'm going to continue tracking this one monthly in my journal as well.


Overall I think I did okay on this challenge. I'll be tracking challenges in my journal so that I don't have to worry as much about sitting down at the computer to post and getting distracted by video games and not tracking progress (or lack thereof). Might add in a reward next challenge. Something along the lines of if I reach 85% of my goals I can buy a funny t-shirt I've been eyeing. 100% and I get to buy two. Or I can spend $5 real life currency in a mobile game to give myself a little boost. Definitely gonna step up my game, though.

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On 10/12/2020 at 3:45 PM, Little_Fox42 said:

Overall I think I did okay on this challenge.


Honestly, I think with how the world is right now; if people are getting through the day and able to do a few little things here and there; it's better than most at this point.  What kind of t-shirt incentive?

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