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Pandemic video gaming

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I really haven't had the time to play video games, but with the pandemic I find myself needing an escape/easy wins sometimes. It's too hot to go outside so I downloaded GTA V when it was free on Epic games. It's not really my tastes so much and I think many of the people that play are probably 10-20 years younger than me.


I use to play Lord of the Rings Online and maybe should jump back in there and see if the server I'm on is still active, but my friends don't play anymore. In general I prefer something with a bit more plot and less trolls than GTA. I am a fan of Final Fantasy type games.


Do you guys have any recommendations for games for PC that are more social? I live alone so since this is going to continue maybe I should interact with people again.


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No experience with GTA nor LotR:O, but as a... let's say - adult gamer*, I can tell I had a blast with FPP online shooters. I played CS:GO and TeamFortress2 (I know, totally different approach) and was able to socialize and become friends with people half my age, worldwide, even when we had our newborn (two times) at home (so no leaving home except to work).


* I'm hitting 40 next year



Bear in mind though, every community may be hard to get into at first, there are trolls everywhere and it's easy for people to be extremely butthurt online. 


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