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Workout Routine Question

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Hello.  I have a question on my workout routine.  I’m currently doing full body weightlifting routine three times a week (split routines don’t work too well with me).  I try and put in cardio at least two times, in between the full body’s, and sometimes on the weekends.  My overall goal is to lose bodyfat. Reading up on articles and such, it seems the focus should be more on the weightlifting aspect.  Would it be better then to incorporate four full body workouts per week, say have two different fullbody routines and alternate them, maybe like two days on, one day rest, then two more days on?  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Thank you.

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Losing fat is more than just working out, though a combo of resistance training and cardio is never a bad call. Depending on WHICH full body routine you're using you could absolutely do that 4 days a week, and then still do cardio once a week at some point - but it's all up to personal preference, so feel free to experiment with your recovery/workouts and see what works best for you!


Other things to take note of:

- are you consuming enough protein? ~1g/lb of bodyweight is a good guideline for fat loss

- are you sleeping enough/well? ~7-8+hrs/night of quality sleep is essential

- are you managing your stress? meditation, gratitude journaling, colour books, etc. are all useful to help lower stress

- are you consuming fewer calories than your TDEE? without a caloric deficit you will not lose fat/weight


I'd recommend looking at something like 5:2, or the matador protocol, both of which are intermittent energy restriction methods. Essentially what that means is that some days you'd eat normally, and other days you'd eat less than your TDEE. 5:2 would be 5 days a week at your maintenance intake, and 2 days a week at ~50-60% of your TDEE. Matador is two weeks at maintenance, two weeks at 70% of your TDEE, rinse and repeat.


Fat loss is not a linear journey, so it's important to focus more on your habits and actions rather than scale weight. Go slow, be safe, and don't forget to have fun!

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