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During the last challenge I made the decision to stay with my job, need to work on being able to talk about an ask for things that I want or feel like I deserve (personal as well as professional) I really do love where I work so this is not a bad thing, was just a tough year on everyone.


I stopped doing the weight training program I was working on about two weeks ago, my joints were informing me they had had enough...I'm still doing weight training once a week (a combination of several things from the program) my joints and I are both happy about this. I've started doing 'minimum training' on the treadmill again, basically making a deal that if I do 10 minutes I can say I'm done, going to work up from there.


The Plan....

Conscientious: Make 24 hour plan, eat on plan when hungry, stop when full.

Unconventional: Rides, 5k's, events, and any other random stuff goes here (at least one item from two "lists")

Time: Get 7 hours of sleep a night, post at least 3 times a week in my thread.

Exercise: Weights 1x week, 6,000 steps a day, 3 days treadmill workout (when no work event)


I also have 4 "to-do" lists encompassing different areas of what is my life:

To-do to start own business (this is kind of on hold)

To-do general (things that need to be done that I don't want to forget)

To-do personal (includes things like re-staining the cabinet I use as an altar, etc...)

To-do work (includes things I need to do at work that are out of the norm that I don't want to forget)

Complete one thing from two lists each week (and yes, I do have actual lists saved in Google Keep...I know what works for me :lol:)


Last week of October we will be in Oklahoma for part of it, seeing my granddaughter and two of my boys. Not sure what we're doing for the rest of it but it IS my birthday that week, though I would be shocked if D does anything out of what I have planned for it...




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13 hours ago, DarK_RaideR said:

Pft. Can we swap that 5FDP song for the old Poison Ivy image?

Because you asked so nicely 😉 


13 hours ago, Teros said:

The one where she cosplays Poison Ivy. Yes Please.

Oh and even said please! :D 


12 hours ago, Rurik Harrgath said:

New challenge feels, check.

To do lists, check.



YAY! Good to see you here again Rurik! 


12 hours ago, fleaball said:


No hiding, I see you ;) 


7 hours ago, WhiteGhost said:

Here and following for this one

Glad to see you here!


One week till my vacation starts...I can't wait!! Unfortunately this week will include many questions by my CFO regarding year end items so it should keep me occupied enough

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5 hours ago, Teros said:


Happy Tuesday

it was! got my nails done and the middle son came over for coffee and interesting conversations today...

plus tacos tonight, so that can never be bad!


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28 minutes ago, Xena said:

So true! One of the worst things about the place I live (which is otherwise quite nice)is the dea rth of tacos.

Oh that is terrible, what place doesn't have tacos???? Our tacos tonight were homemade, is that an option for you?

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2 hours ago, RES said:

Oh that is terrible, what place doesn't have tacos???? Our tacos tonight were homemade, is that an option for you?


We have some, but they are more like overpriced hipster tacos. You are right, I can definitely make some.


1 hour ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:


*Weeps in Tex-Mex Capitol of the World*


I know...and you have Whattaburger....and HEB. Truly an embarrassment of riches!

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3 hours ago, Teros said:

Mark Wahlberg Reaction GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment - Find &  Share on GIPHY 

No tacos?


What exactly are hipster tacos?

I'm almost afraid to ask...

I want to know where there are no tacos, because I do NOT want to be there!


3 hours ago, spezzy said:

wait, there are tacos here? i'm in. 

Every Tuesday :D Welcome!!

(no lie, totally had a fangirl moment there :wub:)


Just realized I'm going to have to figure out how to get tacos next week when we're out of town 😮 

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On 10/20/2020 at 7:26 PM, RES said:

Oh that is terrible, what place doesn't have tacos???? Our tacos tonight were homemade, is that an option for you?


Elf just made tortillas from scratch last week. We had homemade tacos. Yum.

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