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about scouts:

Scouts can cover great distances in a short amount of time. Built for distance and efficiency rather than strength and power, these guys can outlast any animal on the planet. They eat a diet higher in carbohydrates to give them enough fuel to survive these grueling treks cross-country, and their muscles are designed to last for hours rather than minutes or seconds (like a Warrior). A growing contingent of scouts have moved to barefoot running, returning to their ancient ancestral roots.

Primary attributes: Stamina, endurance.

Training: Lots of distance training, long bike rides, high volume exercises with any sort of weight training.

Real life example: Marathon runners, Ironman athletes.

“There's only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you've got to be kind.”
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Wow, we are bad! Almost through the week and still no posts. I guess I'll light this candle then.

This is my second challenge on NF. I don't believe I was on the same team as anyone else lasst month so let me take this chance to introduce myself.

I am a 26 y.o. I.T. professional. I have been trying to get fit for almost 6 of those years. The highest recorded weight of mine was 316 on Jan. 1 2005. I was amazed at the time that I had let myself go that far. I have always been bigger, but throughout high school I would swing around 250-275. That's when I decided to get something done.

Over these last 6 years I have battled at times and given ground at others. The lowest ever was 229.5 on my wedding day in '07. I am getting close to getting back there. I can't wait.

The reason I consider myself a scout is that a couple of years ago I found my true love in bicycling. Cycling is my zen. The hum of the chain and the sound of my breath on a cool, quiet morning is my idea of bliss. I have gotten into distance cycling some, even doing a local weekend bike ride called the Old Kentucky Home Tour. 105 miles over two days with a camp-out in the middle. It attracts close to 1000 people every year and is a total blast.

Unfortunately, with my weight and my smoking, I lose some of the enjoyment of the ride because I can never get in good-enough shape to do this easily, it is always a struggle and it really shouldn't be. In cycling terms 105 in a weekend isn't really that far.

It is now winter, which means I really want to focus on strength training for the upcoming riding season. Good cycling days are few and far between right now, so I like to work on the other stuff. I am doing the Power 90 workout routine and trying to get some cardio in.

Thanks for reading, it is good to meet you all.


I'm a Week Late and Pissed Off Challenge 

"What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." - Socrates

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Yeah, I keep thinking "I should post an intro...later." Well, I guess now is good. Thanks for the push Aidan.

I'm 28 years old. I work for my family's trucking company as the office manager. It's relatively sedentary, slow at times and stressful at other times. It also forces me to be a jack of all trades.

I chose scout because I can dance the night away. The week before I turned 20 I saw a flier that said "Learn to Bellydance" and thought "Sure, why not?" I've been hooked ever since. Even just at parties or weddings I dare anyone to keep me off the dance floor. Now, if I could just transfer that energy to some other pursuits. I do run through choreographies for upcoming shows all the time, but I rarely feel like I've exerted myself anymore. It's almost like my body has gotten used to that movement vocabulary, so I'm in pursuit of another good cardio exercise to add to the mix.

I spent most of my life being very thin. Like 5'8" and 115 pounds thin. Then, a perfect storm of bad things happened. Bad medications, depression (not clinical depression, but life circumstances depression), stress, shoulder injury, major life changes. I got up to 225 by age 22. I got back down to 180 quickly, but now I'm kinda stuck hanging out in the 170's. I don't want to be skinny again. When I was 115 I wasn't healthy. I'm really not so much into the number on the scale, I just want to be healthy and live a healthy, happy life.

I've started using dumbbells and doing basic body weight exercises and I love it. I've also started tracking calories. I've been creeping down on the scale, but more importantly I feel tons better too. I hope this next challenge helps me keep it up.

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