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5 hours ago, Laghail said:

Texas winter man, they sound good for the soul. 


Kuddos on the social support you've built around yourself, that sounds like sanity!

Texas winters are special, they don't happen every year. 

Current Challenge

"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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Grimalkin's Cruel Tutelage

Did a bench and a DL day of pyramid up to 95%, then 3x12 at 60%. Feels doable and when I lose access to the heavy weights, I'll just do 5x12 and then HIIT accessories. C'est la vie covid.




Octavia's Workbench

Moss agate and copper paired bracelets for a friend in soil conservation. Note the 4 star beads on the one piece, and the pair of star beads offset by a third star bead opposite the strand on the second piece. This lets the meditator cycle 108 beads by breathing/counting/chanting 27 times on one bracelet in their primary hand (with a single star bead to mark halfway through and a pair of star beads as a guru bead), and then count up to four repetitions of that 27 by cycling through the four star beads in their non-dominant hand. Kinda a white girl version of nikka juzu.






Garden of Sanctuary

Helped a member of my covid bubble start the cleanup and refitting of an attic space to turn into an entheogen grow room / meditation space. I don't have the patience for most of the tetchy cultivation steps involved, but i can lift heavy totes and haul trash, as long as they're willing to play mycologist. 


Interlude – Strategists at Sea (Pt. 2) | The Wandering Inn

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Level 37 [Stonesong Gemwright]

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