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What shoulder positions/motions to avoid?

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I practice stick and sword fighting[1] and I've been having some uncomfortable popping in my shoulders when performing certain strikes. However, it doesn't happen every time that I throw the strike which leads me to suspect that there is something subtly wrong with the body mechanics that I'm using.

My understanding is that certain positions or ranges of motion can cause your shoulder joint to impinge or cause tendons to rub over the bone and get inflamed. As I understand it whether a motion does that depends on what plane your arm is moving through, whether the arm is internally or externally rotated, how much the arm is extended from your torso, etc.


However, I am having trouble finding detailed information on what those positions/motions are. Does anyone know of any resources that explain this sort of thing in detail?

[1] Even though I'm practicing martial arts, I posted in this forum rather than the martial arts forum because my actual question is more about general body mechanics. Is that alright?

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