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3 runs a week


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On 11/9/2020 at 5:34 AM, Xena said:

How's it going Endor?

Hey Xena, thanks for asking, I haven't been running at all or even walking. I'm getting fatter!


I've had a very rough 2 weeks and been struggling to keep my head above water. 2 weeks ago my dog was regurgitating for 4 days and couldn't keep any food down. We took him for an overnight stay in the vet, barium xrays showed a large pool of food in front of his stomach. Referral to vet hospital for Endoscopy and CT scan. He's been diagnosed with a condition called Mega-Esophagus. Unfortunately it is not curable and he will have it for the rest of his life. Basically the nerve signals from brain to esophagus stop working and his esophagus no longer can push food from his throat to his stomach. We can treat it by putting him in a special chair so he's upright when he eats and gravity moves the food to his stomach.


I built him a bailey chair, actually 2 so far with revisions to the second one. He hates us for putting him in it but it seems to be working. Life has changed a lot as a result, the kennels won't take him with this condition so we can't go on holidays unless he can come and anywhere we go for more than a couple hours his chair will have to come too. We are not leaving him alone at the moment so we're not doing much together outside the house which is a shame as we like to go for walks. Anyway we are lucky he is surviving, although losing weight which is a worry. On the plus side the CT confirmed no cancer which we were worried about after his seizure a few weeks ago. Blood tests also confirmed none of the usual causes of this condition are present such as Myasthenia Gravis. 


I'm pretty burnt out by it all, I've booked a month off work from mid December to mid Jan, can't wait.


Since our holidays are out the window we've ordered some new shutters for the windows in the house and about to order new wooden floors for the bedrooms. Planning to Reno the bathrooms in March. 


Yesterday I put a deposit down for this which i pick up in about 2 weeks time. Hopefully going to be a good summer with a month off and a ski to play with even despite everything else going on.






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That's a rough week. Taking care of your ill dog is a priority, you can get back to running as the routine of things settle in.  He'll probably stop hating it once he knows it always means food.


love your new toy! It looks like so much fun.

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