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Lockdown again - need help programming

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Hi fellow rebels,


I‘m getting really frustrated at this point. 

After 1.5 years of not getting my ass from my couch to start training again I finally managed to stick to NROL4W. Til March when my gym closed. 
It opend again in July. I was sick of doing Stage 1 again and bought Strong. Which I did til last week. When my gym closed again. :(


I really really need a well balanced programm without Equipment. And I can‘t find anything that fits.


Too many jums and lunges and my knee hurts, not enough booty, ab and back strenght and my neck gets cranky.


Is there anything you would recommend?


Most „non equipement“ workouts need more equipment than my regular weight lifting routine... budget is tight.


Please help me. :(

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You’re actually in a very good place already. NF has done a much better job than most sites at building well-balanced bodyweight strength programs.


If you’re seeing a lot of programs that require a lot of equipment, you can disregard them. Bodyweight strength requires very little equipment. You will get very far with just an inexpensive doorway pull-up bar. A set of $30 gymnastics rings to hang from it is not essential, but it’s nice to have for things like horizontal rows (which you’d otherwise need to do from the underside of a table or something).


Eventually you will want dumbbells or a weight vest (mainly for leg exercises), but a beginner can train for at least several months without needing any additional equipment at all.


The “suggest a program” game in bodyweight is much like it is in weightlifting. Ask five different people, and you’ll get six different program suggestions, many of which work well. However, some are better for a certain set of goals than others.


Defining linked NF’s Beginner Bodyweight Circuit, which is a good starting point. That program is a circuit workout that’s tailored toward people who mainly want to burn calories/lose weight, and who don’t necessarily care a ton about strength.


If you’re interested in strength, or looking for something that’s a closer replacement for a weightlifting routine, NF’s Batman Bodyweight Program may be a better fit, and it’s not very complicated.


Start Bodyweight is also well-organized and very beginner-friendly, geared toward strength, lots of photos ‘n stuff for people who aren’t familiar with bodyweight exercises.


If you’re interested in how strength training itself works, and how you can create your own program or tailor something to fit your own goals, I recommend checking out the writing of Steven Low. His book, Overcoming Gravity, is definitely not free, but it’s probably THE top resource on gymnastics-level bodyweight strength training. He has a lot of the fundamentals for free on his website, though.


That should be enough to get you started. Though if you have any particular concerns about what would make a bodyweight program well-balanced for you, feel free to ask more questions.

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