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The Legend of Annyshay: Book Three

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Hello Friends!


I'm back and excited to get into the swing of things. It looks like a new challenge will be starting up in the not too distant future, so I may jump back into the fray then.


Let me give you a little recap of some of the things happening in my world.


I've quit my current job and will be done with work here on October 22nd.

I've got a new job back in Minnesota that will be starting on November 30th.

My spirituality has shifted in a massive way. 

My mental health has been under serious strain.

My health team has expanded to include a nutritionist. 

I also worked with Bri Campos for a while on my body image.

I'm still firmly in the intuitive eating camp.

Movement continues to be a struggle.


That's the short version. 


What's going on with all of you?!?! I've missed you.





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Love as thou wilt.

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Wednesday 8/31/2021


- mindset pack/morning ritual (some joy journaling, some witchery, and some intention setting)

- movement is currently on the back burner due to high resistance and stress levels

- used my Best Self Journal - gratitude and setting targets for the day

- ate my meals and had an afternoon snack

- played Terraforming Mars online in the evening


This is about where I'm at baseline at the moment. I'm excited to jump in with the next challenge, but not sure what goals I actually want to work on. My resistance levels are so high that it's hard to make even little changes at the moment. Seems weird to start a maintenance challenge right after coming back. I'll keep noodling on it.

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Love as thou wilt.

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