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Malakk returns to the Sanctuary

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It wasn't supposed to take this long. I was supposed to be back by now and moved on to other things. But, when you have to survive it takes you to places you never thought you'd go. The problem was always at my back and I had to keep moving forward, unfortunately that meant away from where I was supposed to be. I dont really regret it, but by the nine it went a strange way. Now even some of the things I wanted to do aren't what I want to do now.  But I suppose that is just as much an effect of changing through time as much as changing through circumstance.


But I see the Black Door now, same markers that only you would know if you were one of us. "What is the music of life?" it will ask. 


Im finally coming home. 


 A long time ago I started down a strange path in life and over 10 years later Im finally getting back to where I belong. Its hard, even though its the old road, its not the road Ive been on. Change is hard and a little scary. 


Goal: Resume my life as a creator

*Create a plan to make my creator life a greater priority.

*Create a business plan to start moving away from my current job


Goal: Change my diet 

*Go back to eating more mixed salads. They were healthier than drive thru and more filling. 

*Restrict my soda intake to no more than 20 oz a day. (Thats less than 2 cans of soda)

*Increase the amount of lean proteins and carbs 


Goal: Fitness Priority

* Make the Martial Arts class I signed up for a greater priority. Ive been juggling 2 jobs and need to organize my time better.

*Attend the Parkour class that my Instructor keeps selling me on. This means less time playing D&D but my friends will understand. 

*Use the stairs at work if Im not moving large objects. Carrying ladders/buckets/large material through the narrow stairwells is a pain. But If all I have is my tool satchel then Im going to use the stairs instead of the elevator.

*Take a wider range on my grounds keeping  route to increase my steps in a day


Level up: Christmas gifts for my friends

*My friends and I really like Archery and I want to make them all some custom leather arm guards. This will also help me reacquaint myself with my leather tools. I need to make 8 in total. 


Reward: Join the Assassin's Guild 

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