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Losing Belly Fat and Gaining Body Weight if I am Underweight?

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Hello. I have reached a point in my fitness journey where I don't know what to do. I have always been very slender (5'8", 115lbs)

I have started my weight gain journey consuming weight gain shakes both Optimum Nutrition Mass and sometimes Boost Plus and eating a moderate protein based diet. I do weight training (occasionally) and natural cardio (walking, cycling and stairs) I have noticed some weight gain as I am now fluctuating around 120lbs.

Problem I am having is that some of the weight went to my belly and waist. I'm sure it has alot to do with the sugar content in the shakes. I don't want to have to lose body weight just to get a flat stomach as I am already too slender (bmi 17.48) Are there any tips to get a flat stomach while gaining body weight? I'd like more weight everywhere but not my stomach. 

I've added a few photos for reference. Some days are worst than others. I honestly feel like the photos don't do my belly fat any justice. It's (sorry for clarity) 


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Everyone is going to have belly fat no matter their weight. Depending on how you sit, or stand, various positions are going to show  the belly in a non flexed postion. When you see Instagram picutres of people with aweome abs, that is because they are flexing, and holding their belly in a bit. But if you follow them around, their are times when you their bellies would be less flexed.That's just normal.

That said, upping your protein to a  gram of protein per body weight will help you build more muscle and less fat. And do resistance training.

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What exactly are your concerns?  Are you having health problems based on your weight?


From what I can see in the pictures, you're healthily proportioned for your build.  The variation you're noticing is most likely just water retention (water weight), which changes almost randomly day-to-day.  So unless a doctor is telling you otherwise, I wouldn't worry about your weight/BMI/BF% too much.


If your concern is aesthetics, that is, unfortunately, the body you should expect from doing low-intensity cardio and occasional weight lifting.  If you're looking to gain muscle with minimal fat, you'll want to start lifting heavy 3x per week (weight lifting or bodyweight, your choice) and avoiding low intensity cardio in favor of sprints and HIIT work.  If you have a specific goal, try to find someone with a similar body type who looks how you want to look and try to find their workout plan.  Just keep in mind that most of us don't get paid to stay in shape, so you may have to make modification to fit your lifestyle.

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