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I have no clever title or theme. It’s very trendy to blame 2020, but truthfully, I have been simplifying everything in my life. This challenge is the same same, simple.


The first four are skills I am doing well with and want to continue. The fifth is my focus for this challenge (with a bonus mini challenge in the sixth spot).


I’m coming off a rough summer with an autoimmune flare. The good news is, that’s helped me put health (diet, especially) at the center of my life. The bad news is, I think I might ultimately need a minor surgery. All things considered, not the worst thing in the world, though the timing isn’t great. I’ll adjust the fitness goals as needed. 


Speaking of, on to the goals: 


Strength: I lost a ton of strength when I got sick. I want it back! Yoga, lifting or other workout that builds strength - 2-3x per week.


Diet: Continue to prioritize and follow my version of paleo autoimmune protocol (with some reintroductions). This includes drinking enough water and taking appropriate supplements. 


Mindset/stress/rest/recovery: Stress is an autoimmune trigger for me. Keep doing at least one of the following daily: restorative yoga, walk, meditation. 


Endurance: Do some kind of endurance work every week. This will vary, depending on how my energy levels go. I’ve been consistently about 2-3x per week. Though if energy is low, it’s ok to default to a plain old walk. 


Sleep: The big get of this challenge. I’ve been trying to focus on sleep but keep getting sucked in by, well, anything at night. I know I won’t perfect this skill, I simply want to focus on it. 


Bonus skill - Minimize/Organization: I have been saying I’ll get more organized all year. I’d also love to move in the coming years. Keeping with the theme of simplifying, this will be a fun one to tack on. I’d love to say I spent five minutes a day organizing or minimizing something. It doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a huge difference. I’ve read if you simplify your space, your mind is clear to more easily see your next step because you’re looking ahead, rather than at what needs to be done. 

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This  is a face I have not seen in quite some time!!! Welcome back!

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